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- Michael R. Pence: Life Is Winning in America
- George Neumayr: The Media Normalizes the Unruly Left
- USA Or KGB? Bombshell Memo Details FISA Abuses So Serious It Could Bring Changes To The FBI/DOJ
- Daniel Greenfield: The Big Palistinian Lie
- Alan Keyes: By Christ In You, You Are Called To BE A Miacle
- Mark Steyn and Tucker Carlson Video: God's Apology
- Patrick Buchanan: A US-Turkish Clash in Syria?
- Hans A. von Spakovsky: DACA Is Not What the Democrats Say It Is
- Willis L. Krumholz: House Intel Committee Democrats Started The False ‘Russia On Facebook’ Story
- Victor Davis Hanson: Tech - The Trillion-Dollar Chameleon
- Else Cooper: The FBI and Colusion - An Insider View
- Showdown Over A Gov't Shutdown — Blame The Dems, Not The GOP
- John Stossel Video: The Southern Poverty Law Center Scam
- Alveda King Says Facebook Pulled Ads for Pro-Life 'Roe v. Wade' Movie That Features Jon Voight National
- The Media Still Hasn’t Figured Out Why They’re Losing Credibility. Here’s A Reminder
- Ben Shapiro: What’s the Point of Labeling Trump a Racist? Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/455467/media-call-trump-racist-what-end
- George Neumayr: Government By Sactimony and Smears
- IBD: Is Investing Giant BlackRock Trying To Push Companies To Be More Liberal?
- Matthew Vadum: Sanctuary City Politicians May Be Prosecuted
- Mika Brzezinski: Trump's Apparent Good Health 'Worries Me'
- David Harsanyi: Donald Trump’s Greatest Gift Is His Enemies
- Inez Feltscher: #MeToo Has Descended Into Criminalizing A Failure To Read Women’s Minds
- Tyler Durden: FBI Probe Into Russian Uranium Bribes Concealed By Obama DOJ; Mueller, McCabe, Rosenstein Involved
- Michael Walsh: Poverty Leader - What Is Wrong?

This Month's Dakota Beacon





Steve Cates
Will Senator Dorgan Really Fight For North Dakota?

Will the ND Senator call “Global Warming” the scam that it is and protect the state’s economy? Will he be mute and claim that his no vote was fighting? Always follow the money. Always.


Britney and the Alerus Center Mystery

It is a bit of a mystery why Spears is coming to Grand Forks.


Steve Cates
Proof of economic recovery

Recession over? Here is the proof.


Steve Cates
Dorgan supporting Socialized Medicine? Conrad not sure?

Will moonbat socialists vs. nut-job liberals stop healthcare reform?


Dennis Patrick
The Waiting Game

It’s highly improbable anyone can do anything about the impending economic demise or expanding restriction on freedom at this time. Those who object to the current malaise have little choice but to wait to “make a difference.” Besides, Obama has repeatedly promised that the situation will get worse before it gets better.

Selwyn Duke
Which Side Really Inspires Violence, the Right or Left?

At the end of the day, one who speaks the Truth may inspire violence against livers of lies just as one who speaks lies may inspire violence against the tellers of Truth.  But this isn’t the fault of the Truth; it simply means that society needs more of it.

Dennis Patrick
Managing The Auto Industry

It’s obvious there is no exit strategy that will move the government out of ownership of Chrysler, GM or any other business taken over by the feds. The opposite is more likely. The parasite state-run economy will be looking for a new host.
As the saying goes, “You pays your money and takes your choice.” America chose “Hope and Change” and we’ll be paying the bill for generations to come.

Bruce Walker
The Murder Of Civil Life

Civil life has died.  More specifically, it has been murdered by those who find no meaning in life and no purpose for existence.

Looking Back From The Left Coast 06-19-09

North Dakota’s surplus generates derision and demands


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