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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


A post titled “Did American Military Overinvolvement Hasten Europe’s Cultural Decay?”—which ran on American Thinker as well as Clear Thinking—drew a lot of reaction. Most reactions carried a more libertarian tone than I’d anticipated, possibly indicating an encouraging shift away from a national defense posture dominated by neocons who love military interventionism.
 One series of email exchanges with a Clear Thinking subscriber who is a psychologist offered a fascinating perspective. What follows is an article comprised in part of an extensively edited version of one of the emails. I added my ideas and interpretations. Hope you find the end result educational and entertaining.
 My coauthor wishes to remain anonymous. Enjoy
The axiom that Europeans haven’t the intestinal fortitude to defend themselves and their culture could be just a story. And the story may be part of a meme1 war.

Perhaps Europeans can fight, but have simply been paralyzed by stories that they tell themselves. Memes, like parasites, render Europeans incapable of thinking clearly about their own survival. Instead, the Euros live to serve their high-minded ideals. But the ideals, which are the memes, live only to destroy their hosts.

If Europeans are to survive massive incursions by hostile cultures, currently radical Islam, then the Euros must first free their minds. But before the Europeans can free their minds, we, the Americans, the aiders and abettors of Europe’s emotional vapor lock with our six-decade-long willpower-deadening military protectionism, must free our own minds. Which means digging out parasitic memes.

You can tell that people are meme-addled when they grow emotional in response to challenges to beliefs. The first reaction is deceptiveness. People paralyzed by self-stories live a lie. They are good at lying. They lie to themselves and others. And when the lie is exposed, it collapses. Left without the reflexive line of defense, meme-dominated people revert to yelling, kicking, and spewing derogatory names at people who seen through the memes.

People who have watched their stories evaporate under the weight of reality revert to childishness, thuggery, and eventually resort to violence. But they remain emotionally enslaved to the destructive memes. There is no rhyme or reason to this insanity. And a type of insanity indeed explains why it is so frustrating to try to argue with a European—or an American liberal for that matter. Neither is capable of using logic to advance the fundamentally irrational points of which they are convinced. Both resort to aggression and even violence as a way to make some point, any point.

The violence that we see in the world today, in Greece, London, Europe, and in America, is the result of people arguing an irreconcilably irrational point. That point? A demand that government continue to supply nanny-state goodies that the financially crippled government cannot possibly continue to supply.

People who have had such false security stripped away end up demonstrating that they have no right or reason, but that they do have violence. It is a sad fact, particularly if the insanity spreads to America, that violence trumps all other arguments in barbarous times.

Another way to detect people infected by memes is to watch carefully for individuals—especially groupings of individuals such as racial, ethnic, or economic subclasses—who support causes or activities that are not good for them. This is the phenomenon in which attackers push trumped-up stories on people in order to weaken them. American Blacks and Hispanics have embraced trumped-up victimhood memes perpetuated by liberal politicians who rely on victims’ votes to stay in power. Such “victims” buy into false stories and without even realizing it, sacrifice themselves or their resources. The attacker’s cause, a continued control of power, is thus achieved.

So went the meme war within the Soviet Union. Cultural and economic diseases were perpetrated on the people by the rulers. The result: destruction of the people and consolidation of power among the rulers. So goes Europe today, as radical Islam uses Europe’s own memes to weaken Europeans and ripen the society for takeover. And so goes the meme war in America. Liberals have used cultural Marxism over several decades to weaken American society and condition it for domination. Except that liberals didn’t count on so much libertarian spirit. Liberals didn’t count on the Tea Party.

The challenge at this point is to convince meme-slaves in Europe and in America to rid themselves of parasites. In nature, one species of snail is driven to insanity by life-draining parasites. Crazed snails eventually climb to the tops of trees and are eaten by birds. In both Europe and in America, human snails are finally beginning to see fellow snails being eaten alive. We and the Europeans are starting to seriously question the wisdom of climbing upward and summoning our demise.

But Americans and Europeans have a common problem. Our respective snail media do their best to hide or flat-out ignore the carnage, to not show gory images of fellow snails being eaten by enemies who rely on the stories that we snails tell ourselves to keep us proceeding faithfully to the cultural and economic devouring stations. In fact, the media blame us snails for the world’s problems. Nasty capitalists in a socialism-infested Europe and “extreme” Tea Partiers in a socialist-leaning America—we are the bad guys. Our meme masters are just trying to save us.

At the root of our problems are a parasite-infested snail media, government, and education system, all of which are poised in anticipation of complete societal meltdown. It will take an explosive awakening by a critical mass of Europeans and Americans to blast through the political correctness erected around liberals’ taboo zones.

When breakthrough is achieved, people on both continents will finally understand what is happening. Sadly, Europe may have reached a point beyond which no amount of realization will save the day. In America, we are close to critical awakening. I hope that we shall achieve that awakening soon.
1 meme: an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture

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