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Sunday, February 19, 2012


"A Time for Choosing" was the title of the Keynote address at the National Republican Party Convention in 1964. The nominee for President was Barry Goldwater. The man who delivered the speech was Ronald Reagan. By way of introduction, he began with these words:

"I am permitted to choose my own words and discuss my own ideas regarding the choice we face in the next few weeks."

They must have trusted him. What followed was a speech that could be delivered (with minor revisions) and speak with relevance and application to the situation at hand at any time. Timeless. Timeless because it is true. True because it is. It is easy to trust someone who tells the truth.

Once again in America we are faced with a choice-it is a time for choosing. Just as Ronald Reagan spoke to a nation with many challenges and much at stake, so there are candidates touting solutions to the situation in this country today.

When Reagan finished his speech, one political analyst is quoted as saying, "I think we just nominated the wrong candidate for President." He was right. History shows what happens when the wrong choice is made - in 1964 the issues were national security and the economy. Not much has changed but the number of zeroes behind the figures recording national debt and the magnitude of the threat to our safety as a people. We cannot afford to make the wrong choice this time.

Last week I had the opportunity to spend the day with Senator Rick Santorum, Republican candidate for President. As he spoke to various gatherings of people across the state of North Dakota, I learned something that solidified what I had suspected-this man speaks the truth. Rick Santorum is a man who can be trusted because he tells the truth. His positions on the issues haven't changed over time. In his distinguished career as a Representative to Congress in the '90s to the Senate for two terms, his record is consistent. His personal life shows it as well. This is a man who is passionately committed to what he considers the 'Hows and Whys of America.'

He carries a copy of the US Constitution wherever he goes. It is a document unique in that it trusts the people to govern themselves. He is a champion of the Declaration of Independence and its self - evident truths of equality for all and the divinely ordained right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. He believes in America.

1. His is a voice of Conviction. As a young Republican, I had a mentor who modeled the adage, "All men hold opinions but few men are held by their convictions." To be held by beliefs and the idea that truth is absolute and unchanging is an old-fashioned or naïve way to navigate life in a culture committed to subjectivism and moral relativism. Senator Santorum has repeatedly and consistently defended the sanctity of human life, traditional family values, and the rights of the individual to choose what they deem best for themselves and their families. He believes in the Judeo - Christian ethic and the principles upon which Western Civilization and ultimately the United States of America were built upon. At the very cornerstone of this foundation is the family.

2. His is a voice of Compassion. Rick Santorum grew up in a family of working class Italian immigrants who believed in the American Dream and welcomed the opportunities afforded them here. As a boy in a small Pennsylvania community he learned about hard work and family dynamics from experience. He saw his parents reach out to their neighbors and participate in the community as they sought to help the poor. His parents were "old-school" and expected much from their kids and he carried all of these values to his first campaign for Congress in a democrat district in a Pittsburgh suburb. He and his staff were confronted with poverty on a daily basis along with relentless pressure from liberal Congressional delegations to give into traditional "help" for the low-income family. Instead of this approach, he was determined to develop a strategy to enable individuals to work their way out of welfare and on to self-sufficiency. He was part of a successful effort by some innovative conservatives to work with the administration in the '90s to do just that and the statistics are proof positive (as well as countless testimonials from families) that it worked. In all his efforts, strengthening the traditional family unit was a primary focus and is today.

3. His is a voice of Courage. To be a leader today in the fight for the family is not for the weak and uninitiated. This fight encompasses many aspects of life including parental choice in education, defunding programs that undermine the family like Planned Parenthood, defending marriage as an institution between a man and a woman, creative use of federal dollars to give families a way out of poverty and even working for a strong national defense to protect families in the United States in an unstable world. Strong positions like the ones taken by Senator Santorum are not always the most popular, but he has the courage and resolve to stand anyway.

4. His is a voice of true Conservatism. In all of his speeches and in his writings and even campaign materials, he is very specific about his belief in a "bottoms-up" or "grass-roots" approach to self-government. He believes the people closest to the situation-local city councils, county commissions and state legislatures should have the lions-share of say in issues directly affecting the family. The federal government should do only what is outlined by the Constitution and that goes for the Courts as well. We the people should be informed and involved in the process in our districts.

5. His is a voice of Common Sense. This has convinced many individuals and families to come back to the fundamental principles of the Founding Fathers. In realizing the radical move to the left by the democrat party, folks have converted to a conservative approach to the political process and have even changed parties.

Maybe it's just me, but I believe it is because he tells it like it is-he tells the truth and he can be trusted to act on what he claims to believe.

With a candidate like this on the March 6 Republican Party caucus ballot, is there really any other choice?

Join me in voicing our support as North Dakotan's for a tried and true "Voice of Freedom" Vote Rick Santorum for President March 6 at the polling place nearest you!

For your location click on the link below:


Or drop me an email...

He is the right Choice for North Dakota and for America!

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