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Monday, April 07, 2014


Observing the gatherings of North Dakota’s political power structures during the last few weeks has done nothing to feed by optimism concerning the “grand experiment” that is our so-called democratic republic. “Royalty” increasingly disagrees concerning the role of government and “selflessness” appears to be all but lost to “selfishness” within our nation.

Prince John Ellis (heir apparent to King George Herbert I and King George Walker II , affectionately called “Jeb”) and his court publicly measure success by how many subjects escape the bonds of poverty, while simultaneously and very privately enriching the coffers of the landed aristocracy through what the “commoners” call “crony capitalism”. Minimal social status within the peasantry is allowed only as long as such servants avoid assuming any semblance of self-importance.

Recent failures of those in the perceived “line of succession”, the most obviously dispassionate “Center-Leftists” Sir John Sidney and Sir Willard Mitt, have royals constantly defending the “rules of succession” against attacks by those “political pimps” that gain monetarily by facilitating the election of “yes men” that “go along to get along”. Desperate royals are currently attempting to scrap the processes that allow all of those who identify as “Republican” (and too many imposter “Republi-crats” and “RINOs”) to have a say in the selection process through “presidential preference events” (primaries and caucuses).

Voters identified with the publicly-proclaimed goals (removal of subjects from the bonds of poverty) of the royals, but who do not pay dues, have less to gain from the unattractive and unpublicized “crony capitalism” element of the “incumbent survival” equation. Accordingly, these “purists” with “no skin in the game” are about to be purged. The tradition of mass voter selection of candidates by those that claim to be “Republican” but are not paid party members (a $36.50 commitment in North Dakota) is about to become the “rug yanked from underneath” by power brokers in the aristocracy. Putting it succinctly, primaries and caucuses are to become a thing of the past for the party of the King Georges as “takers” from both sides of the royal equation compete for diminishing returns from future generations of Americans.

Conversely, Queen Hillary Diane, poised to inherit the throne of King William Jefferson (no relation to our third President), insists on measuring success by how many subjects can be recruited into the ranks of the poverty stricken. Intentions are highly favored over results. Hope is instilled in place of work, courage, and resulting success. Individual accomplishment is punished and individual mistakes are rewarded. But to hear them talk, you would think there are no differences within the royals!

The thumb of the “monarchy” is not so far from returning to our once great nation, despoiling the sacrifices of all those who have suffered and died to secure our diminishing “freedoms”. Of what have we become… and seriously, how much time is left to reverse course?

If you believe that the results of a presidential preference vote by North Dakotans that identify with either political party’s publicly stated platforms should bind North Dakota’s national party convention delegates on the first ballot only, you had better let your district chairs know of your wishes and demand an immediate resolution to the issue… and don’t accept any delay tactics that defer the question until it is too late to reverse the current course. The alternative is to continue to sit back and watch your country return to the Monarchy it broke from at its inception! 


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April 8 Update:

Governor Dalrymple, faced with a decision to either place three pre-qualified applicants on the November ballot to fill a District Judgeship to be vacated in June… or to apppoint a staff member to the position… has apparently chosen to remove the ballot posting. This portends a juicy appointment in place of a time honored competitive race for the judge position. As I shared with Joel Heitcanp when I met him, we can agree on one thing for sure… that when one party gets too much power, good policy suffers first due to lack of counterbalanceing views.

Lynn Bergman on April 8, 2014 at 10:52 am
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