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Thursday, January 24, 2019


The #MeToo program was put into effect last weekend on the occasion of the March for Life in Washington.  By now there is probably no one who does not know about the “confrontation” of Nick Sandman and Nathan Phillips.

For those very few who have not heard of these individuals, Nick Sandman is a young man of about 16, a student at a Covington, Kentucky, Catholic high school.  His school apparently sent a large number of students, including him, to participate in the March for Life event in Washington. Nathan Phillips is a 64-year-old, presumably adult, Native American professional activist well-known to many North Dakotans for his participation in the demonstrations against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

These two met near the Lincoln Memorial on Friday (January 18), apparently purely by chance.  Sandman and a large group of fellow Covington Catholic High School students, predominantly caucasian, were there early to meet the bus that would take them home.  It happened that this coincided with a visit there by a vitriolic and hate-fueled black supremacist group, the so-called “Black Israelite” or “Black Hebrew” organization - which, by the way, is not in any way affiliated with Israel, Hebrew, Jews or Judaism.   This group exists to attempt to incite violence with white Americans in general and MAGA hat-wearing white Americans in particular. Phillips was in town for an Indigenous People’s March.

The events which transpired, as witnessed by video cameras, both used by the professionals traveling with Phillips and numerous amateurs among the students, were more or less as follow:  The students were standing near the Memorial. A group of the Black Hebrew Israelites accosted them, taunting them, calling them “white crackers” and other things more obscene, hurling epithets and curses at them, calling out in particular a young black student with the group for special attention.  He was called an “uncle tom”, a “coon-ass” and other ugly terms. He did not react, nor did the other students. They did not answer, they did not stray away from where they were to meet their bus, they did not in any way react to this disgusting attack, but remained calm and refused to engage.

Into this toxic situation Phillips appeared, seemingly by chance.  He was headed for the Lincoln Memorial, where he apparently intended to finish his demonstration, with a group of his own, carrying either tom-toms or camera equipment to film him.  This was the icing on the cake for Phillips - not only a video of him chanting and beating his drum on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial but him confronting a mostly white group of young boys whom he might either intimidate or come to blows with.  What could be a better finale? What could get him more of the air time he craved than this? And to make it even greater, they were already being ganged up on by a vicious organization of anti-white black supremacists!

So Phillips began sauntering slowly and provocatively into the group of kids, pounding on his drum and chanting.  He selected one boy, Nick Sandman, among them and walked up to him - stopping within inches of his face. He stood there for at least five minutes or more, relentlessly whacking his tom-tom in the boy’s face, expecting some kind of reaction.  He got none. A few kids began to react but Sandman stayed them and they kept out of any verbal or physical combat. At one point a student asked permission for the kids to sing their school sports chant. It was given by an adult chaperone and this is what they were doing as the activist stood in front of Sandman.  

At no time did this 64-year-old Native American indicate that he wanted to pass.  On the contrary, he walked up to someone and just stood there, breathing on him, chanting at him and beating his drum in his face.  Did he do as you or I would, and simply say, “Excuse me, I need to go over there now,”? No, of course not. Because Nathan Phillips is a professional victim.  He has polished his art to a high gloss, confronting people who have been minding their own business from North Dakota to Michigan to Omaha to Washington D.C. and farther.  Like others of his ilk, he seeks a group - any group - and attempts to make them look like bad guys. He seems to favor young, naive-appearing students. Everyone is guilty to the professional victim.

He has managed to add another frill to this by allowing the press to put forward the myth that he is a Vietnam War veteran.  He is no such thing. He is a veteran, yes. But apparently more of a peacetime one, beginning his service a year after the Marines in which he served ended their engagement in Vietnam.

To be completely honest, when I first saw the picture of this confrontation, my reaction was that it was of two people standing close to each other.  There was no indication of exactly who was in whose face.  It was only after seeing the actual video recording of the event that it became crystal clear that the Native American man (and the off-camera Black Hebrew Israelites) had assaulted the student.    Assault is what that was.

The abuse heaped upon Nick Sandman by Nathan Phillips lasted several minutes during which despite intense effort by the perpetrator to arouse some kind of reaction, Sandman remained calm and did not engage with him.  He showed remarkable restraint. He neither reacted to this aggression nor did he retreat. He stood his ground and minded his own business.

The media and their celebrity claque have had a field day at the expense of Sandman and his fellow students - all of whom behaved like gentlemen.  Alyssa Milano tore into him, spreading the disinformation about Phillips’ “wartime service”. (And it would have been so easy for her to check this first before shooting her mouth off.)  Kathy Griffin urged everyone to dox the kids and their families just to make sure that their lives are made miserable just for existing. Reza Aslan described Sandman’s face as “punchable”, which could easily be taken as incitement to violence against the young man.  If all of this were not enough, and with no one even suggesting another scenario, the Covington Catholic High School dumped on these kids as well, to add insult to injury.

It is difficult to imagine why the school would have felt impelled to do that.  Think about it for a minute. Doesn’t it sound a lot like a #MeToo opportunity for Phillips?  He piled lie upon lie - he said the kids “swarmed” him. The didn’t move toward him at all. He said they were chanting “Build the wall!”  They said nothing. He even supplied some tears for effect for this in a CNN interview.. He said all he wanted to do was go to the Lincoln Memorial to “finish” his “song”.  No one was stopping him. No one was trying to. Why would this school have added fuel to the fire here by backing up these outrageous claims and this abuse of their students?

This seems to me to be the ultimate evil here.  Being abused is bad. Being lied about after the fact is bad, too.  Being attacked by the press and by people who don’t even know you is terrible.  But to be abandoned and attacked by the school that sent you there to the March for Life without even hearing your side of the story is beyond all the rest.  This school and its administration as well as the diocese which sponsors it should make an abject apology to these kids - every one of them personally - and beg their forgiveness and that of their parents for this disgusting betrayal.  The parents of every kid who attended this March for Life under the auspices of the school should sue the school/diocese for return of the fees plus damages. They should press charges against the woman with the nose ring, the Black Hebrew Israelites and Nathan Phillips for assault and threatening violence and intimidation of these innocent boys.

The rest of us should tread carefully.  It is easy to manipulate an image and take it out of context, just as it is easy to misquote or take words out of context.  We owe it not only to the parties involved but to ourselves and to our culture and society to wait to call people names or attempt to shame them for something we think we see until we have not only seen the whole event but also heard everyone's side of the story.  

Sandman’s account was a remarkable statement, mature, well-reasoned, articulate.  It rings true and moreover it is proven by the video.  He seems to have been the only adult involved in the whole incident.  He showed courage, intelligence and leadership in a very difficult and threatening situation not of his or his fellow students’ making.  On the other hand, Nathan Phillips, the snarky woman with the ring in her nose who was trying to goad him and his fellows and the belligerent, antagonistic, racist, obscene, inarticulate and threatening behavior of the Black Hebrew Israelites should have been an embarrassment to the mouthpieces and professional celebrities of the Left.  We hear a lot of ballyhoo every day about “bullies”.

We see billboards, we hear advice, public service messages, tearful stories of tragedies brought about through bullying.  We are supposed to be impressed that bullying is a harmful, even dangerous, kind of behavior. Apparently this concern does not extend to a “tribal elder” or a mob of vicious black supremacists who attack schoolboys at a national monument.  Shame on them. Shame on the media and the celebrities. Shame above all on the people who run the school who sent the kids there. Shame on them all.


UPDATE:  Not only has Nathan Phillips failed to apologize for spreading damaging lies about innocent young people who did nothing to harm him in any way but he is now calling upon the school to expel them.  The school itself was closed for at least a day due to bomb threats. This is why this #MeToo movement is so dangerous. It is bypassing the court system and orderly prosecution of those accused of wrongdoing and going straight to vigilantism and mob rule.  Thank you, Ms Milano, Ms Griffin, Mr. Aslan and the rest of the rotted media. Those who jumped in to condemn these kids without hearing their side or even looking at the evidence, which was clear, have not apologized either, nor rescinded their urging to persecute the kids.  Presumably Aslan still finds the 16-year-old Sandman’s face “punchable”; Griffin sees no reason to call of the doxxing dogs.

One would hope that these students would not be conned into meeting with Phillips.  They have nothing to apologize for. Their conduct was both manly and mature. Congratulations to them and to parents who seem to have instilled in them a sense of dignity and propriety.  


There is now an effort underway at Covington Catholic High School to expel and otherwise punish the students.  If you would like to oppose this, here is a petition:


Click here to email your elected representatives.


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