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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


As the election season groans on, as Hillary’s scandalous emails come out, revealing plotting against everyone at every level, as Donald Trump keeps shoving his foot in his mouth over and over and over and over, revealing a disgusting and probably felonious lecher, many of us are longing for the good old days . . . Michael Dukakis, Gerald Ford, Walter Mondale, Tricky Dick, Bob Dole, Jimmy Carter, and yes – even Obama . . . we could believe we’d died and gone to heaven if we heard the voice of one sane candidate for president – someone who isn’t tying herself to some oil rig, someone who hasn’t committed treason, who hasn’t groped a schoolgirl, who isn’t on weed. 

It would indeed be a long shot, but if you are game, here’s a play.  Vote for Evan McMullin on November 8.  McMullin declared his candidacy as an Independent Republican when it became obvious that the above were all the choices we had this year.  McMullin is a conservative, although not a perfect one.  He is inclined to vigilance with regard to foreign powers’ expansion in Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, he is a fiscal conservative who wants to get the budget and entitlements under control.  He is pro-life.  If any of this interests you, read on.

“McMullin,” you’ll say, “doesn’t stand a chance – he got in too late, he has no major party endorsement, he’s an unknown, he’s not flashy or exciting.”  Right.  He doesn’t stand a chance of reaching 270 electoral votes unless Trump is hauled off to jail and Pence decides to go along to support him.  But he stands a definite chance of causing Trump and Hillary to both fall short. 

McMullin intends to take enough votes away from the major candidates that neither will reach 270, the required number to win.  If this happens the Senate will choose an interim president and the House will choose from among the possibles – Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and . . . Evan McMullin.  If the Republicans retain a majority it is highly unlikely that they will pick Johnson, Stein or Clinton and probably also unlikely they would pick Donald Trump.  He’s been trying to get them out of office this summer.  Wants to see them defeated.  Those who are not are probably not the greatest booster club he could find.  Why would they NOT pick McMullin?  He has security clearance, he has served his country, he is perfectly normal – which sets him apart right there.  He might seem an unlikely solution, but this is an unlikely kind of year.

If Colorado should vote for McMullin, and Iowa, which is up for grabs right now, and other states such as Arizona and Idaho and a few others join this little rebellion, we could see something dramatic and very, very interesting develop. 

McMullin is currently leading the polls in Utah.  That’s right – two separate polls have him ahead of Trump and Hillary.  Think about it.  We could do a whole lot worse.  I, for one, am going to vote for McMullin this year.  It will be a vote that will not violate my conscience, and for once, such a vote might actually do some real good.  If you feel this way you might want to consider a vote for Evan McMullin yourself.  It is one way out of a terrible dilemma for decent voters this year.  And he COULD be our next president.   In a year of surprises and roller-coaster unpredictability, this seems entirely possible. 

Donald Trump’s campaign is losing air fast.  There is unlikely to be a deus ex machina to pull it out of the flames.  He is losing.  A vote for him will not save him.

McMullin is not perfect – I’ll say it again.  But I’m not running, so I probably will have some differences with any candidate.  He could disappoint us.  Others have.  But we need to pick up the pieces, gather  our courage and look ahead.  We need to vote for someone.  We can’t just stay home.  Our country needs us.  For what it’s worth, I am endorsing Evan McMullin. 

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