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Saturday, May 19, 2018


It is a lovely spring day in Grand Forks - after a halting season of late thawing and sudden warmth we should find a spirit of optimism in the air, but somehow, the developments both here and abroad cast a dark pall over many of us.  We are witnessing a cataclysmic demise of Europe with a complete breakdown of the peace in some of the most historically civilized nations - Sweden has apparently capitulated in all but its name and ceremonies. There is no longer public order in their land.  Britain has been subsumed by the EU and despite a highly touted referendum, it appears that the people’s vote to leave that organization is being ignored. The UN controls the domestic policies of most of its constituent nations and these nations’ elections are a mockery.  Islam continues a relentless invasion of Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia - say, that’s everywhere! Where the Muslims have come, cultures are warped and changed or lost completely. And to say so gets you in a lot of trouble.


In America our debt is swallowing up our future - in huge gulps.  There seems no will to reverse this and absolute blindness as to its inevitable consequences.  Our Congressmen brushed off the concerns of the more sober among them and breezily passed an enormous Omnibus Bill which will rocket our national debt to $21 trillion, an amount no one can pay, now or in the future.  Attached to this bill is an endless laundry list of unnecessary and cumbersome frills - like the National Endowment for the Arts, obnoxious and criminal purposes such as Planned Parenthood, abuses of public welfare money, grants and schemes to delight the crony capitalists and crooks from sea to shining sea.  Everyone wants his fistful of our dollars. Our state governments crow over their success in snatching something from other states. We are expected to cheer them on. Great civic loyalty there.


Our schools, if we can even call them that, are not a joke.  They are a tragedy. Our kids are going in seeming pretty normal; they come out eager to deep-six the First and Second Amendments and don’t know what the rest even are.  They were all taught that the Constitution is a fossil, our nation is founded on crime and oh, by the way, don’t call Johnny “he” today because today he is “zur”. That’s why he is dressed in girls’ clothes.  But never mind, because he has memorized the Shahada and knows what the Five Pillars of Islam are. Susie isn’t dressed as a girl though - at least not like a western girl. She’s in a hajib. One day she’ll graduate to a burqa.  She knows the Shahada too. They’re both being encouraged to consider their sexual status “fluid” and if they hurry they can get hormone and surgical therapy to change them into whatever they were not born as. And neither one knows the Declaration of Independence or where France is (or was) on a map.  But they do know it is America’s responsibility because Guilt to take care of anyone who wants to come here, be he gangster, rapist, welfare parasite, terrorist, or whatever. Instead of going to the library to choose books to read they just power up their phones or computers and play games instead.


Where’s mom?  Probably in some office or store or clinic somewhere doing “important” work.  Where’s dad? What dad? Single family constructs are the norm and mothers who wouldn’t think of interrupting a “career” to bring up their own children.  Where are the little tots? Well, you might have noticed they are not playing sidewalk games anymore. You won’t see them in the parks or playing baseball or cops and robbers.  They will be found in childcare establishments, living an alienated, denatured existence of conformity. This is where they learn to ignore any vestigial parental “values” in favor of those they will learn and use henceforth throughout their school days.  And after all, the daily routine of schools and daycare IS the reality. Everything else is peripheral.


Today I had a fleeting conversation with a shop owner in town.  We both lamented the demise of the institution of fashion shows.  She suggested that people were to “distracted” - with cell phones, facebook etc.  I particularly regretted the loss of family-centric life, where young people learned a sense of themselves in a family, learned values, taste, culture.  I said, too many kids grow up in daycare now. “But,” she said, “daycare is good for them. They learn to socialize in daycare.” Which is a common mantra which soothes the consciences of working mothers (working outside of home, that is).  I disagree. Children are meant to be brought up by caring parents, not a “village” or a daycare. A daycare is no place to learn family traditions or culture. It is not the place to instill a pride in independence. It is a place to learn to conform.  To keep one’s head down . . . or to become the bully. Every schoolyard needs one, it seems. And the rest are to be encouraged to seek safety somewhere in that conformity - a “safe space” where they will hear no hurtful words.


When I was a kid, first of all, no one was ever “bored”.  We might be angry, we might resent a rainy day spoiling our plans, but boredom was not a problem.  We revelled in our freedom as summer arrived. We played improvisational games on the sidewalks, we got involved in some artsy-craftsy thing in the park.  We went to the bookmobile and found a treasury of stories to delve into on those occasional rainy days. We played in the sandbox with toy cars, in the backyard we played baseball or pitched a “tent” of blankets over the clothesline.  Or chased butterflies or rode the bus downtown with our mom to shop in the dimestore - or roller skated around the school building and the flagpole. We had family picnics in the evening, spraying mosquito repellant on the kids and packing up paper plates and kool aid.  That was what summer was for. Today we take a walk through a neighborhood on a nice Monday or Tuesday and find the sidewalks empty. The parks as well, unless there is a group event going on. A ghostly silence reigns. You don’t hear kids cheering in a backyard or the whap of a bat on a softball.  You rarely see kids in a wading pool in the yard. These are signs of cultural failure. No, it isn’t silly. It is deadly serious. Our kids now are not learning the give-and-take of unsupervised, unstructured play. They are not learning creativity in everyday affairs. Yes, they can probably solve an issue on their laptop, but they can’t entertain themselves without it.  They don’t know much about building their own cobbled-up go-cart or running a lemonade stand.


I think daycare is not an accident.  I think, like “see-and-say” reading methods, they are intended as a stumbling block for our culture.  In the case of faulty reading methods it makes kids dependent on a small vocabulary and limited access or taste for reading valuable cultural masterpieces like Huckleberry Finn or The Three Musketeers or Little Women.  The daycare is worse yet. This institution prys the child from his natural habitat, where he is designed to thrive - his home, his parents and siblings, his extended family and his larger neighborhood with his peers.  He is now segregated by age and often by economic level, from others. He no longer works out plans for the day with his playmates - the plans are already made and approved for him by his keepers. His mom is across town doing something far more important than raising him to be a good, responsible young person.  She’s ordering paperclips for the office, counseling someone else’s child for pay, perhaps, or maybe showing someone a house or apartment. He’s ok, though. He’s going to hear about Barney, the Purple Dinosaur in an hour or so and learn about how “sharing is caring” and learn that he should not want to own anything of his own.  And not to respect anyone else’s things as their own either. No boundaries.


Boundaries seem to be disappearing as a concept.  Our nations are supposed to erase boundaries and we are supposed to all agree that everyone has a RIGHT to come into our country.  Just like in Europe. And when they get here they are entitled to whatever we have that they want - the fruits of the working moms, the toys of the kids.  The whole “American dream” if they want it and in return they will pledge . . . absolutely nothing. Why should they feel loyalty to a country to which its natives feel no loyalty?  That wouldn’t make any sense.


There has to be a bigger reason behind all of this.  Coincidentally, I happened across a speech from a couple of years back by Paul Weston.  If you don’t know of Paul, he is an outspoken British champion of British/European culture and conservatism in the best sense of that word.  He cut right to the heart of the matter in this speech in a way I wish I had. It is too good and the subject too worthy to paraphrase it here, or excerpt bits from it, for it is the whole story.  It is called “How to destroy a country,” and he is onto something. I am going to take a seat now and just listen - please join me. You will find it provocative and you might find that he has delved down and hit upon the truth.




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