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Monday, March 05, 2018

SALLY MORRIS:  Ummm . . . NO.

For the past two weeks one would think the world had stood still while everyone emotes hysterically over the admittedly tragic shooting that took place on February 14, in Parkland, Florida.  By now we have heard all of the usual anguished wailing about gun control (“Have we finally had ENOUGH KILLING?!”) and the predictable call for disarming of honest American citizens because a maniac, unchecked by authorities who had more than ample warning that this was almost certain to happen, finally acted on his many threats to do exactly what he did:  “become a school shooter”.

These warnings are important to remember.  The mental condition of Nikolas Cruz is important to bear in mind.  This is not a normal person, a normal citizen.  This is a deeply troubled person whose instict has been violent and destructive - of himself and ultimately of those around him.  

His mental condition is very important and the “treatment” he has undoubtedly been receiving “off and on”, as the reports have noted.  What has NOT been noted is what drug therapy he was on.  His state of mind for at least two years has been suicidal.  Conservative commentator Stefan Molyneux described a timeline of his behavior leading up to the horrible attack on February 14.  Briefly:

  • February 5, 2016 (more than two years prior to the shooting), a Broward County deputy gets an anonymous phone call.  The caller says Cruz has threatened to shoot up the school and posted pictures of himself with guns.  The message was sent to Scott Peterson (the deputy who was the school “resource officer” on February 14, 2018).  

  • September 23, 2016,  a “peer counselor” reports that Cruz has ingested gasoline in an effort to kill himself, has been cutting himself, wants to buy a gun.  This came to the mental health counselor, who advises against involuntary commitment.  The school announces it will perform a “threat assessment”.

  • September 28, 2016, an investigator for the Florida Department of Children and Families says that Cruz is “stable”.  His mother asks authorities to take his guns.

  • September 24, 2017, Cruz advertises in a Youtube posting that he wants to be a “school shooter” but the FBI says they  “can’t find him”.  The unusual spelling of the name was the same.

  • November 1, 2017, Cruz’s mother’s cousin reports that Cruz has weapons and begs the police to take them away; a family friend agrees to take the firearms.

  • November 29, 2017, the family that takes Cruz in reports a fight between their son and Cruz, who leaves, saying he will come back and kill them.

  • November 30, 2017, someone in Massachusetts calls authorities to say that Cruz is collecting guns and knives and could be “a school shooter in the making”.  This person was told to call the Palm Beach sheriff’s office.

  • January 5, 2018,  a caller to an FBI tip line says Cruz has a “desire to kill people” and “might do something”.  This was never reported to the FBI office in Miami.


And finally:

  • February 14, 2018, Nikolas Cruz attacks students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for several minutes while Deputy Scott Peterson, gun drawn, remained outside as kids and teachers died.


There is something wrong here.  This was not a “slip-up” and this killer didn’t “fall through the cracks”.  There is a sinister pattern emerging.  One does not need a tin hat to become very suspicious that time after time after time, authorities were tipped off, by family, by strangers who saw his Youtube postings, by peers, and yet did nothing, brushed them off.  There were some 39 calls/visits to Cruz by the authorities in Broward County.  On one occasion he held a gun to another’s head and threatened to shoot.  He was known to have been under psychiatric “care” - which means he was taking mind-altering drugs.  Of this there is no doubt.  The possible effects of these are well known, even to laymen.  

There is another pattern.  The same pattern we see emerge every time there is a mass shooting:  we hear the old cry for disarming free American citizens, repealing our right to self-defense, to “get in step” with the rest of the world (which is far more violent than America  so far).  To “end the killing”.  There is never an inquiry into these failures to perform by the authorities who propose to protect us, just a demand that WE step aside and let THEM take over “protecting us”.  There is never any assessment of what happened to create the killer - as Molyneux points out, no one is studying the effects of fatherless homes, of failed parenting.  What is our government doing to create these killers?

I can tell you that our government, through social “services” is working every day to separate fathers from their families.   Single parent mothers are seeking ways to increment their welfare and one way is to see to it that their kids are labeled mentally disturbed, thus “disabled”, so they can max out the government subsidies.  I have seen this exact scenario up close and personal, and yes, it did finally culminate in abuse and death.  You and I are paying for these “services”.  Many are not aware that the federal government offers a sort of bounty to social service agencies to collect child support - equal, in fact, to the amount collected.  Social service agencies keep this money - it is not forwarded to the care-providing parent nor put in trust for these kids, who have been deprived of their fathers.  This supplies these agencies with all the motivation they need to savage the fabric of any family that comes into their trap.  We pay for it before, during and after the event.  

There are many other factors, all of which we are paying for, which are contributing mightily to this.  It has been off the radar for some time, but the United Nations has not backed off of its agenda to confiscate privately owned firearms in all countries around the world.  Most countries have acquiesced.  Thus far, America has not.  The drum beat is getting louder.  Well-intentioned but illogical professional Mothers are stridently calling for gun control.  Undeveloped adolescent students are marching, chanting and carrying signs, and allowing themselves to be “interviewed” - pawns of the media, who also pursue disarmament of American citizens relentlessly.  Of course there is hysterical screaming and our politicians are pressured to cave in and abdicate our rights for us and some of them are applying that pressure to the others.  President Trump (whom I commended last week for his advice to arm classroom teachers) flip-flopped (as I predicted he would) and now advocates stepping over the 4th Amendment against unreasonable search and seizure, to take people’s guns without due process, telling Vice President Pence that “we should take the guns first and then have due process”.    It is difficult to understand what the man means by seizing first and applying due process afterwards  - it is a contradiction.  But true to Trump’s instinct and history, gun-grabbing comes naturally.  Where does he stand?  I am betting he stands where he has for most of his life - with Schumer, Pelosi, the Clintons, Obama and maybe a couple of other admired leaders - Putin and Xi Jinping, whom he would emulate.  And they don’t want us to have guns.

We need to be paying attention to this.  There are code words we need to recognize.  Maybe put them on flashcards so we remember them, like the old WWII aircraft recognition cards.  When our police, our politicians and these activists say “sensible gun laws”, “more restrictive gun laws”, they don’t mean that we will continue to be free to own guns.  In every instance where laws have required registration, have put restrictive limits on how many guns, what kinds of guns or ammunition people are allowed to possess, these laws quickly developed into effective disarmament of civilians.  There are three entities to consider:  law-abiding civilians, military/police/authorities and criminals.  Too often the police, military or para-military - the “authorities” - have either stood down while the innocent are injured or killed, as in Parkland, or have been malefactors themselves, as in Pakistan or South Africa.  In the latter regions, the “authorities” have been the real killers and the nominal ones, the mobs, mere cats’ paws.  The state police have simply used mobs to do their killing for them, in other words.  It came easily to Broward County officers to stand down.  Remember?  No one ever did act to STOP Cruz.  He was unarmed at a hamburger stand when he was arrested.  

The first need for an oppressive state is to render its people helpless - to subjugate them, to render them “subjects” rather than free citizens.  Which brings us back to Parkland and similar incidents.  We should not forget the words of Rahm Emmanuel: “Never let a crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”  A pretty vile and cynical way to view 17 innocent lives snuffed out, but, hey - here is an opportunity.  To the statist the glass is at least half-full.  The crowd is howling, the drum is beating, the mobs are gathering and the march is on.  Strike while the iron is hot.

We need, now, above all, a cooling off before we wade into a fiery pit in our combined grief and confusion.  We need to quit blaming inanimate objects (like the gun) and take into account all that went wrong here with the killer.  The deficient home life, the drug use, the social climate which set the stage for them.  What part did social services play?  We don’t know because no one is talking about it.  It has slipped out that people in every area of life that touched Cruz’s life - from fellow students to Youtube viewers, to family, Broward County authorities, the FBI, his counselors, his mental health care providers, the person who prescribed his drugs, his teachers - all knew he was a ticking time bomb, they knew he would one day kill.  So, why?  Why was his life off track?  What contributed to that?  Why did no one at any point stop him?  (I think I am implying here why the authorities did not, and that without the support of law enforcement and the medical and educational communities his family couldn’t, even though they tried.)  These are the areas we should be scouring to find answers.  Because it was no gun that killed 17 people.  It was a deeply disturbed person.  And given his mental state and every shred of evidence that has come forth about Cruz, had he not had a gun he would have found another way, perhaps an even more devastating way, to kill.  The Tsarnaev brothers needed no gun.  And had he had the urge to use a gun he would have obtained one illegally.  

No matter how many innocent citizens’ guns are seized unlawfully, the Nikolas Cruzes will not be deterred.  We have a very sick nation.  It is diseased with rogue agencies, with greedy pharmaceutical purveyors and their stooges in the medical, educational and social service agencies, with absentee parents or two-income parents which equals no parents.  As I write this another killer is forming somewhere.  Cruz lost his parents and had a tragic childhood.  This does not excuse him and especially it does not let society off the hook.  But there are young kids out there right now, growing up in soulless daycares and dumped off at public schools by parents on their way to the main event of the day, their “careers”, kids sitting in the waiting rooms of their psychologist or nurse practitioner, waiting to get their prescriptions  for Adderal or Zoloft.  They are trying to tell us by cutting themselves, by threatening us, by posting on social media, by telling their counselors and their friends that they want to kill and to die.  And we turn to the ordinary citizen, unrelated to any of this, and say we can fix it all if we just take HIS guns.  

Make no mistake.  This is not merely ineptitude.  It is ineptitude harnessed in the service of a larger effort to render Americans, like every other subject of planet Earth, helpless in the face of tyranny, of violent mobs, of random attackers.  Because the ordinary guy doesn’t matter to these people.  Remember the three players?  Authorities - citizens - criminals?  Is it really that wise to leave all guns in the hands of authorities and criminals?  Then how long before those two are one?  (By the way, many are unaware of how tight Sheriff Israel is with Florida’s chapter of CAIR, which has a vested interest in disarming Americans and a history of ties to Hamas.)

Here is a link to Stefan Molyneux’s commentary.  And thank you, Mr. Molyneux.




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