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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


During the North Dakota Legislative Session of 2013 SB2503 passed both houses and became law. That law stated:

An abortion may not be performed by any person other than a physician who is using applicable medical standards and who is licensed to practice in this state. All physicians performing abortion procedures must have admitting privileges at a hospital located within thirty miles [42.28 kilometers] of the abortion facility and staff privileges to replace hospital on – staff physicians at that hospital. These privileges must include the abortion procedures the physician will be performing at abortion facilities. An abortion facility must have a staff member trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation present at all times when the abortion facility is open and abortions are scheduled to be performed.

Today it was verified that Sanford would enable abortion to continue in North Dakota when Darren Huber, spokesperson for Sanford Health in Fargo stated that:

"Sanford has  had an open medical staff model for over 100 years.  This means that physicians  whether employed by Sanford or not have the right to practice within our  hospital as long as they meet certain educational, training, certifications and  other quality metrics at the time they apply for privileges.  Medical Staff  Bylaws create the road map for who can and cannot have privileges at Sanford and  it is based on objective criteria that is completely focused on protecting  patients and providing safe patient care. The criteria in the Bylaws is applied  in a neutral unbiased manner.  Sanford follows the law and it’s Medical Staff  Bylaws in considering all applications that it receives."

However it is phrased, Sanford Health has become the abortion enabler of North Dakota. This raises interesting ethical questions for North Dakota's population.....if you are providing any money for any reason to Sanford Health are you a party to killing unborn children?



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