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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


A recent article by Jamestown Sun’s Keith Norman titled “Street Budget Ends ’11 in Red” helps illustrate why it’s so important we pass Measure 2.

Casey Bradley, Stutsman County chief operating officer said the county’s emergency fund was $2.8 million in the red. When Measure 2 passes the emergency fund will no longer be needed. That’s because disasters such as the flood will be the responsibility of the state. Likewise all legally imposed obligations of political subdivisions will be the responsibility of the state.

Mr. Norman wrote, “Measure 2 would abolish property taxes in North Dakota. Without a property tax the county would have no way to repay any loans used to pay the county share of disaster expense.” With Measure 2 there would be no need to “borrow” or impose local taxes to fund these expenses. They would be funded through the state general fund.

Measure 2 requires the state to fully and properly fund all basic and necessary governmental responsibilities. So, where will the state get the money? It will come from where it always does, from our pockets. These responsibilities must be funded before discretionary and special interest spending.

Public Economic Development entities use property tax forgiveness/abatement to attract business and industry. This is because eliminating property taxes results directly in economic growth. The Beacon Hill econometric study confirms this will happen statewide on passage of Measure 2 passes. That revenue will come in the form of increased sales, income and vehicle registration fees.

This will result in more new revenues from increased sales, income and vehicle registration fees flowing into the general fund than “lost” when property taxes are abolished - Measure 2 pays for itself.

All the money in the state general fund belongs to the taxpayers not the state. Those public entities opposing Measure 2 do so because they do not want to be required to use our taxes for basic governmental services; instead they want to force us to tax ourselves again – through imposition of property taxes – so they can give our money to special interests and use it for non-essential purposes.

Ask yourself why our Legislature is giving $12,000 annual tuition subsidies to 17,000 non-resident college students. Then tell us there isn’t enough money to pay for school buildings, police, fire and road needs. Measure 2 will stop this irrational and irresponsible spending AND allow us to finally own our homes and not perpetually rent them from government.





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