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Monday, January 03, 2011


Democrats trampled our constitution by replacing the greatest healthcare system in the world with a European style government run system of healthcare rationing and death panels so we showed them the door. On the way out, Democrats flew the American people the bird by voting on bills so outrageous that they would have never voted on them before the election.

Democrats want amnesty for illegal aliens. Americans are killed daily by illegals, but illegals are also undocumented Democrats. Democrats need to replace the voters that are leaving them in droves. Kent Conrad, Byron Dorgan and Earl Pomeroy all voted ‘yes’ to advance the Dream Act amnesty bill. This is the second time that Senator Conrad voted 'yes' for cloture so that an amnesty bill could advance.

While our focus should be winning a war, Democrats turned our military into a liberal social experiment by repealing “don’t ask don’t tell”. Conrad and Dorgan voted ‘yes’.

Democrats see America as the world's biggest threat to peace. They believe that America must be disarmed, so they ratified the START treaty. Democrats promised Russia that America will destroy as many nuclear warheads as they do and not build any kind of missile defense system. The Russians have ten times as many warheads as us and welcomed the treaty. Conrad and Dorgan voted ‘yes’.

After the 111th congress ran up more debt that the prior 100 congresses combined, Democrats tried to jam one last pork bill down the throats of the American people before the door hit them on their rears. “Deficit hawk” Kent Conrad called for the passage of the omnibus earmark bill which contained $1.1 trillion in new deficit spending (debt).

Kent Conrad promised North Dakota “one of the most significant lame-duck sessions in the history of the United States” and helped Democrats deliver.

Democrats showed you who they really are. Never forget.

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