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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


During his never ending schedule of vacations, golf and fundraisers, President Obama turned our military over to foreign countries to wage war on Libya. Obama was above getting prior approval from congress. In a rare moment of truth from his administration, Defense Secretary Robert Gates admitted that Libya is no threat to the United States. Until we know if the rebels want freedom or another form of dictatorship, we cannot say that this is about freedom.  Why did Obama do this?

One must be suspicious whenever Democrats “oppose” mass murder. Democrats have admired mass murdering dictators like Castro, Mussolini and Hitler (before he attacked their beloved Joseph Stalin). Mass murder Che Guevara is a beloved Democrat icon. Mao Zedong (murderer of 40-70 million Chinese people) is admired by Democrats and is a favorite “philosopher” of former White House communications director Anita Dunn. Democrat run PBS is probably running another puff piece about communist China right now.

Democrats protested our soldiers who tried to prevent mass murder in Vietnam. Democrats oppose our troops who liberated Iraq from the brutal mass murderer Saddam Hussein. Many Democrats still see our troops (not Saddam) as the oppressors of the Iraqi people.

One must be suspicious whenever Democrats “support” human rights. Democrats campaigned on slavery platforms from 1840-1860. Democrats instituted segregation and campaigned on segregation platforms from 1868-1948. Democrats filibustered the civil rights act.

One must be suspicious whenever Democrats “support” the “will of the people”. Most Americans don’t want socialized medicine; Democrats are defying court orders, the constitution and the people to implement it anyway.  Also take a good look at Wisconsin.

One must be suspicious whenever Democrats claim to “support” peaceful protests. Democrat Governor “Bull” Conner used fire hoses on peaceful civil rights protestors in Birmingham. Democrats continue to slander peaceful tea party protestors.

If Democrats said that this is about Obama’s re-election or setting up another Islamic dictatorship, I would buy that.


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