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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Democrats are still trying to paint the tea part as “radical”. Let’s review this “radicalism”.

Government should spend no more than it takes in. Because we are forced at gun point to participate in ponzi schemes like Social Security and Medicare, government should spend less than it takes in and fund their trust funds.

Government shouldn’t borrow money, especially from dictatorships like China that starve and brutally murder their people.

Global warming is a politically motivated hoax. Government shouldn’t fight a hoax with carbon taxes, artificially high gasoline prices or bans on incandescent light bulbs.

No business is too big to fail and fewer would if it wasn’t for government overregulation. Banks shouldn’t be required to provide home loans to those who cannot afford them. MPG standards require auto manufacturers to produce cars that nobody wants. Oil companies should be allowed to drill.

Our borders need to be secured and illegal aliens sent home.

Safety nets have become hammocks and welfare a substitute for work. Poor choices and laziness are being subsidized by working Americans.

We reject a European style government run healthcare system where healthcare is delayed, rationed and death panels have the final say. Our healthcare system is the best in the world because it’s private.

Everyone knows that to increase tax revenue, you lower taxes and that Keynesian economics (where government spends more than it takes in to get out of a recession) never works. Tax cuts are not an “expenditure” or a “subsidy”.

We want businesses and corporations. Capitalism has given us a standard of living seen nowhere else in the history of the world. Class warfare is the tool of tyrants.

There is no evidence that mankind can implement socialism without everyone (but the political elite) living in poverty. I doubt that socialism can be implemented long term without concentration camps and mass graves.

Most of all, we are sick and tired of Democrats like McCain and Bush who run as Republicans.

The real radicals are those in Washington who disagree with the American people and they are a shrinking minority.

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