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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Approximately 140 jets carrying socialists, communists, fascists and political elite descended upon Copenhagen for the UN’s Global Warming Summit. In freezing temperatures and “blizzards” they were chauffeured by approximately 1,200 limousines (some flown in).

Inside they sipped Champaign, ate caviar and plotted to keep the poor in poverty, destroy the middle class, transfer American wealth to brutal dictators and enrich themselves with cap and trade. Al gore hysterically claimed the polar caps would probably be gone by 2014. Communist dictators quoted Karl Marx and bashed American capitalism to standing ovations. Blizzards couldn’t keep Nancy Pelosi away. Pledging $100 billion annually to “fight” warming, President Obama fit right in.

Outside anti-capitalist warmers rioted and waved banners containing pro-socialism propaganda, Soviet hammer and sickles and images of Marx and mass murderer Che Guevara. The carbon footprint of this spectacle surpassed the annual footprint of small countries.

The Socialist Democratic Party claims that to save the planet they must lower our standard of living, eliminate jobs, enrich the political elite and implement socialism with cap and trade. Gore will become a billionaire with it. Their Wall Street buddies want to cash in.

Scientists/political hacks (with future funding contingent on global warming being fact) claim that CO2 from American capitalism warms the planet. Many real scientists disagree. East Anglia’s Climate Research scandal proves that “scientists” distorted data to hide flaws in their “research” like recent cooling trends.

This hoax is part of the Democrat’s radical Marxist agenda. Senators Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad as well as Representative Earl Pomeroy embraced this “change” by endorsing Obama for president and voting for Reid and Pelosi as majority leaders of their respective chambers. Dorgan further advanced this “change” by defeating an amendment that would have prohibited the EPA from regulating harmless CO2.

These aren’t North Dakota values.

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im that those on welfare don’t have a greedy bone in their body and that virtue comes with laziness, irresponsibility and dependence on government.

The Democrats intend to tax, borrow and spend Americans (except the political elite) into a life of “righteousness”. They plan to transform America into a nation void of capitalism like Haiti and Cuba. Remember, people flee their free government food, housing and healthcare and risk their lives trying to float here on makeshift boats fro

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