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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Some Bismarck residents were surprised when they found Spiffy Biff colored garbage cans in their driveways. It’s the city’s “voluntary” recycling program. Some later learned that they were entered into a two year contract to pay a $3.51 monthly free for this “voluntary” service without their knowledge or consent. If you didn’t opt out in time, it’s mandatory.


Many of us pay our bills via auto pay. We don’t always open up our bills to make sure that those we are paying are not trying to scam us with unwanted services. We don’t have to because that is supposed to be illegal.


Telephone companies used to do this to expand their operations. This is called cramming and slamming. Because this practice is immoral and sleazy, it was made illegal. Companies were made to pay massive fines.


The city of Bismarck can’t make this moral, but they can make it legal for only them. Our west coast liberal city commission (Josh Askvig, Parrell Grossman, Mike Seminary, and Brenda Smith) along with our liberal Mayor John Warford are behind can scam. The down-your-throat-whether-you-want-it-or-not liberalism of Washington DC has come to Bismarck.


Our city commission and mayor, like the Obama regime, see us as royal subjects and piggy banks for their big government programs. Those who opted should be advised that that these liberals are just getting their foot in the door with this big government program. Soon it will be mandatory for all.


I have to wonder where these “do good” trial lawyers are. If a corporation were to scam people with something this sleazy they would be lining up to be the first to file the papers in a class action lawsuit.


It is time to get out and vote and clean house.



Brent McCarthy lives in Bismarck, ND



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Let me get this straight, I get to pay the City to have my recyclables recycled, then the City gets paid for the recycling of these recyclables?  Where is all this money going?  Heres are some suggetions… fix some pot holes, hired someone to pick up all the dog crap at the parks, repaint the bike lanes that nobody uses as the paint has already worn off.  Good job Wartford, when are you retiring.

Madknuk on April 4, 2014 at 09:03 am
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