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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The mainstream media constantly “informs” us that Democrats care and conservatives don’t. We are supposed to applaud the “good” intentions of Democrats while ignoring history, motives and the consequences.

It was cool seeing a black man ascend to the top of the party of slavery, segregation and the Klan. Conservatives fought for civil rights when Democrats opposed them. Should we simply forget the Democratic Party’s dismal record on human rights and assume they now care?


Democrats make people poor to have power over them. Democrats chase jobs overseas using tools like the EPA and unions. They tax and regulate jobs out of existence. Permitting drilling and the construction of oil refineries and pipelines alone would create millions of jobs, lower gasoline prices and reduce the cost of everything we buy but that’s the opposite of what Democrats seek.


Millions have fallen into the welfare trap and as a result can do little for themselves. Welfare has destroyed the initiative, potential, dignity, self-respect and very humanity of those we are told it “helps”. It destroys families, entire communities and soon our republic. It keeps poor people poor. The last thing Democrats want is for these people to become self-sufficient and prosperous. Today a larger percentage of Americans live in poverty than before Democrats began their “war on poverty”. This is by design.


Observe nations run by the left. As we follow Europe they will soon drive off a cliff. People are rioting because the money is running out to pay their welfare benefits. By design, Europe’s welfare states will soon implode.


Nations like China are the next stage of evolution for Europe. China isn’t a utopia as portrayed on far left media sources like PBS and the nightly news. People enslaved by the government are brutalized, imprisoned, slaughtered and forced at gun point to accept poverty. Those who spoke of freedom and supposedly didn’t care were buried in mass graves long ago by those who “cared”.  

The left only pretends to care about people until those people trade their freedom and self-sufficiency for the promise that government will provide for them.



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