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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Thanks to pure luck, a terrorist attack didn’t happen in New York City and the terrorist fell into the lap of law enforcement. It was the predictable suspect, a foreign born Islamic terrorist. Democrats hoped it was a Tea Party Patriot.


New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said “this would be exactly that. Homegrown, or maybe a mentally deranged person, or somebody with a political agenda that doesn't like the health care bill or something.” There was no evidence to support his claim; he just wanted people to believe it was Tea Partier.


Democrats and their media want to incite hatred and violence towards a peaceful grass-roots freedom movement made up of conservatives including little old ladies. This is a new low for the Socialist Democratic Party and its media.


In a story the biased liberal media will not to report, the usual violence, vandalism, and arrests occurred at the traditionally violent pro illegal immigration rallies this month. You know, the stuff the media wishes it could report about the TEA Parties.


Democrats and their media are using the old rule for radicals; accuse the other side of doing what they do. Historically, the left is the home of radicalism. Liberalism is rooted in racism, hatred and violence where as conservatism is peaceful and tolerant. The media is sticking to its template even though it contradicts history.


The media wants to influence, not inform. They campaigned for President Obama rather than performing their duty and reporting his radical past. It has lost its credibility. Nobody watches CNN any more. Fewer people are subscribing to newspapers. Real journalism in America is dead.


That’s two botched terrorist attacks in five months. Perhaps Democrats, the Obama Administration and their media need to focus less on TEA Parties, and more on those that are at war with us.

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