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Friday, January 21, 2011



Dear Editor,


Within hours of the Tuscan shootings, Democrats and their media shamelessly began blaming those who attended tea parties, talk radio, Fox News and people like Sarah Palin for the shooting. Democrats started pulling gun control legislation and legislation to censor talk radio from their filing cabinets that had already been written up and awaiting such a crisis.


This rush to judgment should have turned into embarrassment once we learned that the shooter was a left winger. He is a registered independent (which usually means a liberal) and definitely not a conservative.  His favorite authors included National Socialists Karl Marx and Adolph Hitler (yes, Hitler was a left winger just like all other socialists and totalitarians). Don’t expect any retractions, resignations, firings or apologies any time soon.


President Obama called for “civility” after once asking supporters to get in the faces of those who disagreed. He once said “we are gonna punish our enemies” and “white folk's greed runs a world in need”. He attended Jeremiah Wright’s “church”.  He associated with Democrat William Ayers who bombed the NY City Police Department, the US Capital building, and the Pentagon.


Democrats called for civility even though their party leaders claimed that those who attended the tea parties were racists and Nazis.


The biased liberal media called for civility while continuing to smear and demonize descent conservative Americans like Sarah Palin. By the way, death threats against her and her family are on the rise.


It’s Democrats and their media who have always lacked civility, not conservatives.


The Democratic Party’s definition of civility is when we all shut up and go along with their agenda. This debate was never about civility, it’s really about censoring the voices of freedom through intimidation.


Democrats are panicking after the historical beating that they received in November. They have lost the debate over their transformation of our nation and simply want the debate to end.



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