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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Senator Kent Conrad is on President Obama’s commission to cut the deficit. Conrad also received an award from the Concord Coalition for being a “deficit hawk”.  You can’t make stuff up that is this hilarious.


We had the solution to deficits in 1997. It was the balanced budget amendment. Conrad voted against it.


Conrad recently voted for massive deficit increases like TARP, the earmark bill known as “Stimulus”, the bailouts and Socialized Medicine which will soon become the mother of all entitlement programs.


Soon we will be wishing that Conrad had supported reforming Social Security and Medicare before he, other Democrats, and liberal Republicans turned them into the unsustainable ponzi schemes that they are today. Now that it’s too late, Conrad’s only solution is cuts to Social Security to try to lessen its impact on the deficit.


Democrat entitlement programs make up over 60% of our budget. Welfare programs do get Democrats elected, but also destroy people’s lives by keeping them poor and dependent on handouts from the Socialist Democratic Party. It’s the bulk of the budget.


Democrats see national defense as well as the war on terror as a joke. Many Democrats believe that if we simply gut the defense budget, government will have more money to dole out to them. Current defense spending is only around 19% of our budget. The Republican’s ban on earmarks is great, but that’s only a drop in the bucket. 


Entitlement spending has brought America to its knees. The American dream can  no longer coexist with the current rate of entitlement spending.  Conrad and the Democrats believe that it is the current standard of living of hard working Americans that is unsustainable. They intend to reduce your standard of living with massive tax hikes to pay for their vote buying entitlement programs.


If you still believe that there are politicians out there who care more about you than they care about themselves, it’s time to come to grips with reality.


Click here to email your elected representatives.


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