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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


The Republican controlled US House of Representatives repealed Obama/Conrad-care. Republican Rick Berg cosponsored the bill and voted for repeal. Thank you Representative Berg.


District Judge Roger Vinson (a Ronald Reagan appointee) ruled Obama/Conrad-care unconstitutional stating “the entire law must be declared void” and “the declaratory judgment is the functional equivalent of an injunction”. Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem deserves our gratitude for defending us from this tyranny.


The repeal of the unconstitutional Obama/Conrad-care law was defeated by Democrats in the Democrat controlled US Senate. Republican Senator John Hoeven voted for repeal, Democrat Senator Kent Conrad voted against repeal. Thank you Senator Hoeven, North Dakota will send you another vote for repeal next year.


While the Obama administration and Democrats are in contempt of court for continuing to implement a voided law, Democrats like Conrad are still in contempt of the people. Democrats are continuing to rule against the will of the American people. In disregarding our constitution, Democrats are acting like lawless third world dictators. All that’s missing are military uniforms and sunglasses.


Conrad could have voted to undo the evil that he forced on the people of North Dakota with his vote to pass this unconstitutional law. This so-called “deficit hawk” could have voted to cut the deficit by voting for repeal. Conrad could have voted to return the half trillion dollars that his vote for Obama/Conrad-care stole from senior citizens and the Medicare program.


The ruling class has wanted the power that comes with socialized medicine as far back as Woodrow Wilson. Their dreams appear to be slipping away thanks to a document that was written by men who would be demonized and labeled “right wing extremists” by Democrats and their media if they were alive today.


Once again lady liberty owes our founding fathers a debt of gratitude.

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