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Tuesday, January 03, 2012


The biased liberal media is working hard pretending to engage in journalism in their efforts to get the most liberal candidate they possibly can selected in the Republican primaries. They have destroyed conservative candidates like Herman Cain (who would have spelled certain doom for the Socialist Democratic Party) with baseless and even racist attacks and have fully vetted all of the leaders in the polls except for Mitt Romney.

The media has investigated the churches of leading Republican candidates. They have even accused Michelle Bachmann of attending a church that is (gasp) protestant. They will investigate Romney’s church should he win the primary. They conveniently ‘forgot’ to investigate President Obama’s church. For all we know Obama had a pastor like Reverend Jeremiah Wright who preaches racism, anti-Semitism, hatred for America and Marxism from the pulpit. Perhaps he had a pastor that yelled “God <bleep> America” from the pulpit as he and his congregation celebrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

With the exception of Romney, they have fully vetted the associations of the leading Republican candidates. They have yet to do this for President Obama. For all we know President Obama has associated radical domestic terrorist leaders and communists like William Ayers.

Even though the media never vetted candidate Obama on foreign policy, we do want them to vet the Republican candidates on this. We don’t want a President who would use his influence or even military force to overthrow brutal secular dictatorships in countries like Libya and Egypt in favor of even more bloody and oppressive radical Islamic dictatorships. We don’t want a president who would remain silent as the people of Iran rise up to protest their bloody Islamic oppressors (before being rounded up and executed).

Thankfully no Republican candidates have made racist statements like “Typical White Person” or have committed gaffs like saying that there are 57 US states or have pronounced “corpsman” as “corpse-man”. That would be reported.

It is time for people to realize that the mainstream media and the Socialist Democratic Party are one. If the media reported the truth about Democrats, they would be unelectable.

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