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Thursday, July 21, 2011


The Socialist Democratic Party needs more of your children’s and grandchildren’s money to buy votes for 2012. They are demanding that Republicans raise our nation’s debt limit. Democrats are threatening a government shutdown and putative measures.

 Democrats and President Obama have suggested that they intend to stop social security payments to seniors and that they will default on the debt unless they get their way by warning of such consequences that have never been seen in any past shutdown.

When Republicans forced President Clinton to balance the budget by shutting down the government in the 90’s, debt payments were made and social security payments went out. In fact, the sun came up the next day and the shutdown really didn’t affect anyone. Based on their words, it appears that Democrats are considering holding seniors and America hostage to get their way. This is who they are. You don’t need to review much world history to see how ruthless the left can be.

Bloated federal entitlement spending has wrecked our economy.  History proves that tax increases result in less tax revenue and fewer jobs. Borrowing money is just a deferred tax hike. It’s reasonable for Americans to expect deep cuts to federal spending. We have borrowed enough to fund the Democrat’s failed welfare state.

Democrat Senate Budget Chair Senator Kent Conrad and the Democrats have not offered the American people a budget in over two years as required by law. Over that period they have increased spending by trillions on programs that we cannot afford like Nationalized Healthcare. Now that the adults are in charge and trying to write a budget, Democrats are throwing a temper tantrum. Democrats have done everything but show us their plan.

As our nation nears bankruptcy, Americans must watch and learn. We must realize why the left needs to be thrown out of power for good. That includes “Republicans in name only”.

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