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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Whenever Senators Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad as well as Representative Earl Pomeroy ran for re-election, they and the biased liberal media (which works for them) made the claim to seniors that the Republican was going to take away their Social Security and Medicare.

 Yes, all real conservatives support privatization of these programs.  Your retirement was always one bill or an economic downturn away from being gone. We believed that one day the Socialist Democratic Party would bankrupt the federal government or simply vote to gut, discontinue, or ration these programs. We believe that your money would be safer in a private account that you own and Democrats cannot touch. That’s what Democrats and their media refused explain.

Unfortunately, you don’t own your Social Security and Medicare dollars. The government does. That means that the government can legally do anything they please with it with it.

Hey seniors, Dorgan, Conrad, and Pomeroy voted to cut your Medicare as part of healthcare reform. They also voted to increase government spending so much that Social Security benefits will eventually be rationed. The day we warned you about came and every single Republican (conservative and liberal) voted against this bill.

Up next is amnesty for illegal aliens. This will increase our population by about 25 million. The majority of them will immediately go on welfare further bankrupting us. Millions of them will start collecting Social Security and Medicare which they didn’t pay into. They will also faithfully vote to re-elect President Obama who may be President for life. How’s that “hope and change” working out for you?

Election after election Democrats and their media passed out the Cool Aid. Seniors drank it. In life we are many times surprised when we learn who our friends really are. Unfortunately for seniors, it’s probably too late.

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In nations with socialized medicine, people die waiting for medical treatment and die because the government refuses them life saving treatment. This is the future of our healthcare and this is what Earl Pomeroy, Kent CoMrade, and Byron Dorgan voted for.
How is that hope and change working for you?

Dress on April 22, 2010 at 08:31 am
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