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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Democrats claim that our economic mess proves that capitalism is immoral, socialism is moral and government must divide up the “pie”. They “forget” that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac caused this mess. These are corrupt government entities directed by the socialist principles of the Democratic Party, not Wall Street companies.

Forget the immorality that comes with National Socialism like governments forcing people to live in poverty, starving people and denying people medical care. Forget the mass graves, gulags and concentration camps.  Stealing is simply immoral.

It’s immoral to rob someone even to provide food and medical care for the poor or to feed your children.  Doing good deeds with stolen property doesn’t make stealing moral.

Stealing doesn’t become moral if the victim is incredibly wealthy or millions vote to legalize it.  Having government or someone else steal on your behalf is still stealing. Helping others with your own money is noble, but Democrats wouldn’t do that.

It’s not immoral to work hard and keep what you earn. It’s not immoral to own bigger homes and vehicles than others. It’s not immoral to own more property than someone else, especially if that person doesn’t work, save or peruse a worthwhile career.

Freedom works whenever it’s tried because it’s moral. Freedom starts with protecting private property rights from the looting masses who would otherwise use the ballot box as an instrument of plunder. Freedom cannot exist without private property rights. Private property rights cannot coexist with socialism for long.

Socialists despise people who work hard and become wealthy.  Rather than working harder to improve their own lives, they strive to live off of the labors of others and look to government to make the achievers poor like them. We used to call these people “losers”.

When President Obama was elected, the losers of Europe cheered. America finally had a socialist regime that intends to make Americans as poor as Europeans. Democrats cheered with them. Obama, Kent Conrad and Earl Pomeroy intend to keep them cheering.

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