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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


In response to the genuine grass roots pro-freedom protests of the Tea Party, Democrat leaders are organizing violent pro-Communism protests on Wall Street and across America. They are preaching the same class warfare rhetoric preached by people like Marx, Lenin, Mao, Castro, Hitler and President Obama.

Democrats believe that people become wealthy by pure luck. They believe that in becoming wealthy, people like Steve Jobs simply soaked up all of the luck away from people like unwed mothers, high school dropouts and those who choose to abuse drugs and alcohol. They stole luck from those who have not perused a worthwhile career, who flunked out of college and who party all night and sleep into the afternoon. Democrats deny any relationship between the choices that we make in life to how wealthy or poor we are.

Democrats claim that those among us who get wealthy through hard work are “greedy”. In reality, the epitome of greed is to do nothing for yourself and then demand that government seize the wealth of others and transfer it to you. In protesting our nation’s founding principles, these protestors are simply demanding a share of what you have worked hard for.

Democrats have no problems with college professors or federal employees becoming millionaires at taxpayer expense or with union bosses who really do become millionaires off the backs of others. Their problem is with those who provide goods and services that people actually want, need or desire. They very products like the cell phones that these hypocrites enjoy as they protest capitalism. They want to end your economic freedom.

Planes leave the US every minute to countries that already have the economic system that Democrat are demanding. The problem is that those on the extreme far left (the mainstream of today’s Democratic Party) are unhappy people who believe that they will be happy once everyone else is made to be miserable. They are driven by the jealousy of seeing others happy.

These protestors are the enemies of freedom and liberty. Our nation is in the fight for its existence. Which side are you on?


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