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Friday, March 12, 2010


Senator Kent Conrad blamed the biased media for our “ignorance” in not wanting government run healthcare.  This is the very same liberal media that campaigns for Democrats, promotes their causes with lies and has circled the wagons around him to protect him from any fallout for accepting preferential treatment from Countrywide. President Obama believes that we will eventually come around if we simply hear him read one more speech from his teleprompter. The American people have shouted a resounding “no” to socialized medicine. We have spoken and that is final.


We said “no” to paying for health insurance policies for those who don’t want to work or peruse a meaningful career on top of the free healthcare they already get at our expense. We said “no” to paying for healthcare for illegal aliens.


We said “no” to killing more jobs with new tax hikes and employer mandates as the real and unreported unemployment rate nears great depression levels. We said “no” to the mother of all entitlement programs when the government cannot afford the ones they already have. We said “no” to the bankrupt federal government spending more of our money and “no” to borrowing the rest from COMMUNIST China in our children’s names. Seniors said “no” to gutting Medicare and putting another nail in the coffin of Social Security.


We said “no” to government coming between us and our doctor, healthcare rationing and groveling at the feet of our  elected officials after we (or our loved ones) are given the death sentence and denied life saving treatment by a government death panel. We said “no” to six month waits to see a doctor with an additional six month wait to begin life saving treatments. We said “no” to dying while waiting to see a doctor. We said “no” to destroying the best healthcare system in the world.


We said “no” to denying our children the freedoms and opportunity that we grew up with and enjoy today. We said “no” to serfdom, government imposed poverty and European socialism.  We said “no” to turning this much power over to our imperial federal government.


What part of “no” do these tyrants and thugs not understand? Do they understand that they serve us and that they don’t rule over us? Perhaps they would understand a catchy phrase like “It’s about our freedom stupid”. Of course they would, but the problem is that our freedom is what they are after.

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Avatar for J Rich

Excellant article. Why don’t you send it to the newspapers around the state as a “letter to the editor” so that the people that should be reading it will see it. I doubt if there are many liberals reading The Dakota Beacon.

I cartainly hope that all our congressmen will be replaced when there terms are up as it looks like Dorgan will be. We don’t need politicians who say one thing here at home and talk out of the other side of their mouth in Washington.
There is more to representing the people of this state than bringing home a little pork now and then.

J Rich on March 12, 2010 at 09:05 pm
Avatar for B McCarthy

A shortened 300 version of this was sent to every paper in the state. This is a viewpoint that they don’t want their readers to hear, so it was not published or has not been published yet. It appears that they have chosen to censor this letter of truth from their readers, but what’s new?

Hats of the the Beacon for making the truth available.

B McCarthy on March 15, 2010 at 10:38 am
Avatar for B McCarthy

I received calls from the newspapers in Minot and Devils Lake. The Jamestown Sun expressed interest in publishing it.

Other than that, you may not see this letter anywhere else.

B McCarthy on March 15, 2010 at 05:29 pm

In nations with socialized medicine, people die waiting for medical treatment and die because the government refuses them life saving treatment. This is the future of our healthcare and this is what Earl Pomeroy, Kent CoMrade, and Byron Dorgan voted for.
How is that hope and change working for you?

Dress on April 22, 2010 at 08:31 am
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