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Monday, July 26, 2010


In a “Where’s Waldo” rip-off, the people of North Dakota were introduced to a game last summer called “Where’s Pomeroy”.


Most of North Dakota opposed President Barak Obama’s plan to nationalize the healthcare industry and wanted town hall meetings to tell our delegation how we wanted them to vote. There wasn’t a single Earl Pomeroy sighting.


Pomeroy didn’t care to hear our objections to the tax hikes, unemployment, healthcare rationing or waiting lines that his vote will cause or our objections to the bankrupt federal government borrowing more money in our children’s names. He didn’t care to hear seniors “complain” about how his vote would gut Medicare, doom Social Security and potentially subject them to death panels. Pomeroy’s vote was in the bag, he didn’t want to face we the people of North Dakota.


Whenever they come up for election, the North Dakota media predictably endorses Byron Dorgan, Kent Conrad, and Pomeroy while trying to convince us that they are moderates and practically conservatives.


Dorgan, Conrad, and Pomeroy endorsed Obama, the most radical President in American history.  All three voted for Pelosi or Reid, the most radical leadership our congress has ever seen. When Obama couldn’t pass socialize medicine without their votes, all three came through for him. This was the most radical, leftist and socialist legislation ever signed into law. Dorgan recently stood and applauded after Mexico’s president disagreed with Arizona's illegal immigration enforcement law.


There are no moderate Democrats. They are all far leftist and socialist utopians at heart. We gave them majority, they showed us who they really are.


Pomeroy sightings are starting to happen again. He is on the TV and radio. Oh, an election is coming up and now he wants OUR votes. Sorry, I am too important and my time is too valuable, let’s play “where’s my constituents”.








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