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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


President Obama is looking for “whose <bleep> to kick” for the Gulf oil disaster. Start with Earl Pomeroy and the Democrats.

Democrats are responsible for the fact that BP is drilling in 5,000 feet of water rather than in places like Alaska or shallow water where these leaks are quickly fixed and not noticed. Because of the votes of Democrats like Pomeroy, companies must drill where leaks are nearly impossible to cap.

Most everything in your home is made of petroleum including rubber, plastic, polyester and products too numerous to list. It powers our cars, fuels capitalism and fuels our economy. It gives you the freedom to be independent rather than required to rely on the bare minimum that government would otherwise provide for you in a socialist society (when and if there is enough to go around). Democrats hate economic freedom, that’s why they hate oil.

Mankind has yet to produce a wind mill that can produce rubber, plastic or polyester let alone produce more energy than it takes to construct and maintain it. If we would cease all oil production and refinement today, you would soon be wondering where your next meal is coming from. We need oil for our survival, that’s a fact of life.

Democrats limit our oil supply because that weakens our economy, destroys jobs and gives them more political power. Democrats are already using the disaster that they created to limit our oil supplies further and to try to pass the cap and trade tax.

Forget the high gasoline prices that Pomeroy is already subjecting us to; our eco-friendly energy policy is an environmental catastrophe. We must drill where Democrats like Pomeroy will not permit us to drill to remain a free and prosperous people. We must do it for our children and the environment.

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