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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Many Americans (including the  Democratic Party’s violent and lawless Occupy Wall Street protestors) have such a sense of narcissism that they actually believe that it’s a crime against  humanity if government doesn’t take money from those who earned it and use it to  provide for them. The Democratic Party and its mainstream media are playing to  this over inflated sense of self-worth by waging class warfare against those who  create jobs and make this country work.

Socialism is a promise from politicians of a utopia void of  poverty. Socialists promise food, clothing, housing, retirement income and  healthcare for all. They argue that these things should be free in a “fair” and  “just” society and would be if it wasn’t for “greedy” rich people. This promise  has been made many times, but never once kept because the real objective is the
power of government over the people.

Today even the poorest of Americans enjoy a prosperity never before  seen in the history of the world because we are free to accumulate wealth.  Before our nation’s founding, people risked their lives crossing the ocean so  that they could try to survive in a harsh and deadly wilderness. They didn’t want security; they wanted freedom from the governments that were forcing them  to live in poverty. Our nation’s founding and our constitution was a triumph of  the people over government and poverty. This victory is about to be wiped out by  the radical Marxist in the White House and his Socialist Democratic Party. They
fully intend to replace our freedom with their welfare state.

Don’t fall for the class  warfare in the upcoming election; history documents its fruits well. From the  Soviet Union to Nazi Germany and yes even the bloody communist dictatorship of  China (seen as a utopia by many Democrats); class warfare has yet to produce  anything but poverty, misery, oppression, concentration camps and mass graves.  Just as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, America will go there one day. Let’s  make sure that day is not in our children’s lifetimes.

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