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Thursday, October 11, 2018


The rise of that hideous hag, feminism, goes back more than fifty years in the public forum.  The first mistake of men was conceding that women were “oppressed” at all.   Everything really showed just the opposite. 

So data which showed that men earned more money than women was touted as discrimination against women while data which showed that women spent more money than men was irrelevant.  So “Women’s Health” issues were treated as not receiving adequate attention despite the fact that women lived longer than men  did – a  change which occurred during the last century.  So programs like the “Violence Against Women Act” could be used only to help women despite the fact that most victims of violence are committed against men.

The parallel in rhetoric with Nazism, although not its intensity in practice, was stark.  Hillary’s moronic trope of men earning more money that women in comparable jobs was precisely the same argument that Nazis were making about the differences of income between German Jews and German Aryans.  What this data reflected, of course, was that German Jews tended to excel because they worked harder than their fellow Germans. 

Feminists also wail about the dangers to their opponents of the “Women’s Vote” because they slightly outnumber men.  This, of course, is exactly what white supremacists in the South were warning blacks about during the worst days of statist segregation in the South.  The threat to bully and intimate electoral minorities ought to send a chill down the spine of any decent believer in liberty and the rule of law.

More to the point these days is how both Nazis and Klansmen viewed males within the minority groups they hated.  Anyone familiar with the Third Reich would have seen photos of Jewish men, doubtless destined for some awful fate at the hands of  the SA, with a placard around his neck decrying his “race defilement” and anyone familiar with the violence of the Ku Klux Klan knows of the sickening sadism which accompanied lynching, the punishment for black men supposedly lusting after white women.

When Jews many decades ago began to rally against the absurd and dangerous “crimes” which Jews were supposed to have committed against the world, the Jews who supported this effort came from a wide spectrum which included irreligious Jews, patriotic and free enterprise Jews, socialist-minded Jews…and so on.

The common thread was to end the defamation of Jews generally from broad and shrill attacks on Jews generally.  This never meant and surely does not mean today a defense of individual Jews who were guilty of horrific crimes – and there have been many of this from mobsters in the early 1900s to those Jews who worked for the Cheka and its diabolical offspring in the Soviet Union.

What it insisted upon was this:  do not convict anyone of a moral offense or crime because the accused is a man and the accuser is a women.  Remove any presupposition of guilt or innocence based upon gender (just as we rightly reject any presupposition of guilt or innocence based upon race or religion.)

This organization should make its case in every area of public life, particularly academia, government, law enforcement and politics.   Moreover, it ought to rank institutions by the degree of anti-male bigotry and defamation.  It ought to propose model statutes to deal with issues like rape and domestic violence in ways that are fair to both the accused and the accuser.  It ought to do research in all those many areas of research which are ignored today because the results of research would discredit wild, crazy feminist nonsense.

The grotesque excesses of feminism will never be stopped as long as men behave like meek Jewish professionals in Nazi Germany who hope that a low profile will protect them or behave like the broad smiles of terrorized black men in the South living in fear of the Ku Klux Klan.  Moreover, an Anti-Defamation League for Men could recruit not only men from across the spectrum but also women who are quietly disgusted by the manifest injustice of modern feminism.

This is a vital battle and it is worth fighting, indeed, it is one of those battles which will have to be fought if our society is going to survive.


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