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Thursday, June 23, 2011



The Clear Thinking blog is on hiatus and will return with new posts on July 18, 2011. Meanwhile, here’s an oldie originally posted July 16, 2008.


The modern-day sociopolitical term, “progressive,” describes that which comforts people while defying rationality. “Progressives” are the elite, bristling with ideas on how to run government and society. Affirmations reinforce a sense of superiority and show off their holiness. “Give peace a chance. War is not the answer. You can roller skate in a buffalo herd.”

What makes these so-called “progressives,” the current label preferred by liberals, think and behave the way that they do?

Liberals live in theory, ignoring endless disasters and pretending that the world actually operates as they imagine. Unable to stomach human nature’s dark side, ideology shields liberals’ senses and plays to their insatiable need to feel good—about themselves. Wishful-thinking ideology spawns a belief that behavior can be legislated, hatching countless “helping” programs which only intensify human failings.

Liberals despise unbelievers who stress that handouts enable dependence. Might such blasphemers also deem it unwise to poke at your eyes and ears with a Barack Obama campaign pin? Dare we answer?

Unpracticed in the code of the enlightened ones, novice liberals suffer personality flaws or “hang-ups” common to conservatives and libertarians. They:

1.Let facts influence them.

  1. Place importance on results.
  2. Think.
  3. Hold people accountable for choices and actions.
  4. Judge behaviors as right, wrong, good, or bad.
  5. Attribute humane qualities, particularly decency, to conservatives.
  6. Ascribe noble intentions and behaviors to America.

People who triumph over these imperfections become highly effective liberals. They attain elevated consciousness and promise to save humanity. These guardians of salvation wield their own seven hang-ups, polar opposites of the conservative-libertarian hang-ups, as anesthesia against liberalism’s failure-infested track record.

When liberal dogmatists encounter agenda-busting facts, they grin the knowing grin, stare the enlightened stare, and chant blissful fallacies over and over again. Like so, liberals cling to their feel-good by equating idealism to practicality, nonsense to wisdom, blindness to vision, and growling at anyone exposing the futility in their “solutions.”

These creatures hoarsely whine about reality in roles like actor, government subsidized artist, critic, social worker, unemployed Air America host, psychologist, and Democrat politician.

Conservatives produce results and output. Liberals’ birthright is to govern results and distribute output. Liberals seek freebies and preferential treatment for “victims” whose numbers swell as liberal schemes multiply. Deploying such schemes, with election results ensured, herds of donkeys leap forth to carry the inevitable casualties to gathering places where “help” is dispensed.

Reading about liberals’ seven hang-ups, which are indeed their guiding principles, cannot anoint one as an expert. But there is plenty of practical opportunity to study real-life liberals. About 20 percent of Americans call themselves “liberal.” They are full of… willingness to embrace chaotic emotion in lieu of evidence. People who join the liberal choir swear that they are in an echo chamber as their complaints waft back to them in soul-drenching validation.

Practitioners of liberalism build confidence through idyllic ignorance of all things logical, see themselves as smart in life’s classroom of dunces, adopt rabid devotion to liberalism, and count themselves as kindhearted and moral amongst depraved ogres. All liberals eventually discover…

There is no need for thought. Liberal is as liberal does.




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