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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Recently, I engaged in a thought-provoking email exchange with a Clear Thinking subscriber on the topic of the decay in scientific integrity. The reader observed that a “lack of ethics and despicable moral behavior is replete in all areas of our society,” not just, for instance, in the global warming scientific community. The reader went on to lament that “corruption in business, journalism, politics, [and] government reflects a society that is [in] free-fall decline” and wondered what I thought was the “foundational reason” that America is in the shape that she’s in today.

I want to share my thoughts with readers and would welcome email or comments section discussions on this topic.

I believe that there are specific reasons why we are where we are with respect to scientific dishonesty. On the surface, science got into today’s terrible shape because of abundant grant money, stiff competition for that money, and a dishonest progressive media promoting the results flowing from “researchers” burning through the money.

But underneath? The scientific dishonesty we see from warmists and other bought-and-paid-for investigators was spawned by decades of decay under increasingly pervasive cultural Marxism (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). Moral relativism and moral equivalence have jellified the minds of schoolchildren for at least two generations now.

In the science world, things have become so morally putrid that if a corporate or political entity wants to make a point, all that entity has to due is hand out some grant money to suitably motivated “scientists” and voilà—point made.

Honesty? Nahhhhhhh.

I believe that this analysis applies not just to science, but to American society in general. Whether America is in “free-fall decline,” as our reader believes, can be debated. One thing is certain, many Americans have fallen under the spell of the cultural Marxism machine which the progressive public education system now constitutes. Many of today’s younger adults were never taught the vision of a libertarian America created by the founders. Come next November, we will find out whether our decline is a free-fall that cannot be stopped or only a period of rapid but reversible decay brought on by the rise to power of America’s first truly anti-American president.

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