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Thursday, March 08, 2018


Who rules America? Our rulers are Democrats and Republicans followed by Independent wannabes. Our rulers encompass a wide array including the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government at the federal, state, and local levels. They include elected officials, political appointees, bureaucrats, planners, academicians, and assorted “credentialed experts.”

What defines those who rule over us? Fundamentally, the ruling order is a bipartisan fraternal order defined by shared ideas, similar educational guidance, the same tastes, and the same habits. This ruling fraternity distinguishes itself as the arbiter of wealth and power by taxing and distributing almost half of what “we the people” produce. Countless boards, commissions, committees, and departments appointed by the bipartisan ruling order and working at taxpayer’s expense write rules and regulations with the force of law that favor some individuals, classes, and businesses while harming others.

Once established, the fraternity of rulers prevails and “we the people” have few options and even less liberty. Negotiation with rulers is futile. “We the people” are not taken seriously and the rulers are not about to barter away their control and power with chit chat and term limits.

More and more, the ruling fraternity determines what we can and cannot do, what we can and cannot buy, what we may and may not eat, how we may and may not live. Benignly and altruistically they know what is best for us and “we the people” are socially engineered through education into submission.

Our rulers are presumptuous. They did not read the 2000-page health care bill or any other gigantic bill. Instead, they rushed to pass it for our own good. Rest assured that our rulers do not fall under the same health care provisions as “we the people.” They have their own separate Cadillac health care plan -- for which we pay. On the other hand, they’re taking their own sweet time arriving at a permanent “doctor fix” that will once and for all correct the doctor reimbursement rates for Medicare, Medicaid and other federal medical programs.

The ruling fraternity renews itself at all levels by recruiting individuals, organizations, and interest groups identified by class leaders. The chosen are cultivated as “junior partners” based on their willingness to fit in, to collaborate, to associate with the right people, to presume intellectual superiority over “we the people,” and to despise those outside the clique – like President Trump. As a reward, the ruling order empowers the chosen with grants, appointments, and advancement in the regime.

At the pinnacle are the elected officials. At all levels, an elected official’s first obligation is not to the electorate, but to their own re-election. That the electorate is susceptible to lying rhetoric and canned letters written by staffers makes the re-election task all the easier.

A docile electorate is a boon to an ever growing, ever expanding, ever taxing government. The mentality exists expecting all solutions to all problems to flow from the government facilitated by an expanded ruling class. A something-for-nothing attitude underscores expectations. Let some outsider pay for local well-being.

In a sense, the electorate is as guilty as the politicians they rail against. Politicians attack special interests, but take special interest money and legislate in their favor. The electorate rails against politicians, but accepts their gratuities in the form of grants, contracts, and favorable legislation. They then re-elect the ruling class to office. Special interests, as with politicians, become at the same time both bogeymen and beneficiaries. As long as the electorate is bought with bread and circuses, the charade of a republic drones on.

“The New Class” published by Milovan Djilas in 1957 comes to mind. Comrade Djilas had been Vice President of Yugoslavia under the communist Tito regime and later imprisoned for his dissident views. His book exposed the fallacy of the communist “classless society” showing how the bureaucratic hierarchy lived as the ruling class.

It’s time for someone to expose America’s new ruling class for what it is -- privileged autocrats.


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