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Thursday, September 13, 2018


Who will dominate the midterm elections? Will the US House remain in Republican hands? Or, will the Democrats take control and push to impeach President Trump? Will Republicans pick up more seats in the US Senate and buttress Trump’s agenda? More than just exciting times, these are critical times.

            The outcome of the 2018 midterm election boils down to voter disposition in November which translates to voter turnout. And, what affects voter disposition? The answer lies in the behavior and message of Democrats and their liberal allies.

            A vacuous Democrat message singing the one-note anti-Trump song may inspire radical Leftists but it does not convey what Democrats stand for.

            Most recently, the Senate confirmation hearings of Trump’s nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh contradicts the image suggested by Senators that theirs is a mature and sophisticated deliberative body. The dog and pony show that passed for hearings was actually street theater at its best. Ever since Judge Robert Bork and Judge Clarence Thomas were “borked” the Senate has become more like the swamp Americans always imagined.

            As a side note, the demonstrators who continually interrupted the hearing were invited by Democrats. The public does not just walk in. Security at the capitol, and especially the hearing rooms, is particularly tight. Senators provide a limited number of tickets for admission. The disruptors came from a variety of resistance groups invited by Democrat senators.

            In addition, voter distrust of the mainstream media originated long before Trump’s candidacy and election. Trump merely affirmed what news consumers already knew – fake news and slanted reporting was befitting the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. Most people outside Washington, DC know what the media is up to and they just don’t care for their propaganda. The latest example is the New York Times op-ed by the so-called deep state informant from inside the White House. Who cares?

            The liberal furor may be less about Trump and political differences and more about power and the utter and unexpected loss of it by the Democrats in 2016. Except for not “looking and speaking presidential,” Trump has established a sterling record of accomplishments. An estimated 20 percent of Trump voters supported him reluctantly for various reasons. After two years in office most Trump voters see him doing exactly what he said he would do. This in the midst of a do-nothing swamp.

            The incessant allegations of “Trump always lies,” physical confrontations with Trump’s staff, calls for these confrontations by Representative Maxine Waters, crude references and name-calling by late-night “comedians” do little to inspire new voters. Antifa has become the militant arm of the Democrat party just as the KKK was their militant arm in times past. The Left’s attacks on Trump have had the rallying effect on the GOP as did the Twin Tower terrorist attack had on 9/11.

            Last week former President Barak Obama broke from tradition and entered the political arena hitting the Democrat Party campaign trail criticizing his successor. The effect? It reminded Americans all over again why they elected Donald Trump.

            Rather than try to win over the opposition in his second term, Obama chose to alienate it by steering the country sharply to the left. By the 2016 elections voters were fed up with redistribution, open borders, expanded government, regulations, and higher taxes. Throughout the 2018 midterm campaign liberals are promising the voters even more of what they didn’t want when they elected Trump. This catch-22 can only lead to more furor and ridiculous antics on the left as the elections draw closer. For these reasons, and more, the US House and Senate will probably remain firmly in Republican hands.

            Stop and think. Does it stand to reason that the continued resistance and over-the-top attacks on Trump will peel off voters to support radical Leftists to retake the House, much less the Senate? The Democrats lost the 2016 election because they followed the costal liberal elites who lost touch with the ordinary people of Middle America. Childish behavior by Democrats and the media merely confirms to the majority of voters and Trump’s base that Democrats still don’t get Trump and the people who support him. The Left’s contempt of Trump is the best thing that ever happened to the GOP.

            Only if Republicans avoid voting in November will the Democrats win.


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