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Wednesday, September 26, 2018


At the risk of information overload, i must comment on the farce staged by the US Senate Judiciary Committee in its role of “Advise and Consent” to the president regarding Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the US Supreme Court.

Brett Kavanaugh is regarded by a large number in the legal community as a sterling fit for a seat on the high court. He received a “Well Qualified” endorsement by the liberal American Bar Association. At one time that rating carried bipartisan influence with all parties. Not now.

Judge Kavanaugh issued more than 300 opinions as a judge on the Washington, DC Court of Appeals. Of those, the US Supreme Court upheld 13 of those cases that were referred to high court.

Outside the Senate, Judge Kavanaugh enjoys wide ranging bipartisan support. He is a family man with a solid reputation for community service.

What could possibly go wrong?

What happened was an eleventh hour ambush involving a case of a partially remembered teenage encounter over 30 years ago without evidence brought forward to ruin Judge Kavanaugh for partisan purposes. Specifically, Christine Blasey Ford, PhD, a California research psychologist and leftist activist, has vaguely alleged sexual abuse by Kavanaugh during their high school years.

It was Dianne Feinstein who implemented the principle of “guilty until proven innocent” after Kavanaugh’s hearing was complete. Her actions have been highly irregular and transparently political. She knew about Ford’s accusation since late July or early August when Ford contacted her by letter. Feinstein kept quiet about the letter until the day before the committee markup preceding the committee vote. Feinstein has yet to provide the letter of accusation to the committee. No one has seen it.

Delay. Delay. Delay. The accuser continues to move the goalposts while she works to set the terms for the Kavanaugh assassination. She pressed for a deadline extension from 10:00 am Friday morning until 10:00 pm Friday night to decide whether or not she would testify. Granted the extension, the 10:00 pm deadline came and went and accuser Ford still could not decide to testify before the Senate committee alleging sexual abuse by Kavanaugh. Finally, her lawyer responded. They wanted more time to decide! So, the deadline was moved to Saturday afternoon. The Senate committee has granted five extensions to allow time for Ford to make up her mind. By Saturday afternoon Ford had merely agreed to testify, but no firm conditions had been agreed to. She wanted complete anonymity yet submitted a letter to the Washington Post. She wanted a full investigation by law enforcement officials but the FBI will not investigate without formal charges. Her attorney keeps “changing the goal posts.”

Ford has every right to be heard. She does not have the right to set the conditions for her appearance before the committee. For example, Ford’s lawyer wants Kavanaugh to speak first. That makes no sense and is without precedent. How can Kavanaugh defend himself without knowing specifically what Ford alleges? Apparently she cannot remember the house, the location, who held the party, how she got there, and how she got home. (She was 15 and did not drive herself.)

Regarding the influence of the #MeToo movement, unlike leftists who have recently been outed as serial sexual abusers, there is no such pattern of abusive behavior with Kavanaugh.

How will the Kavanaugh hearings impact the 2018 midterm elections? Pollsters predict doom for Republicans. But then, the pollsters were dreadfully inaccurate with a failure record in an attempt to forecast the outcome of several recent elections. Bad performance does not give them much credibility this time around.

Is Kavanaugh so vile, so ill-equipped, so devoid of character that his life and family must be destroyed and he not seated on the Supreme Court? Or, are the Democrats overwhelmed with a spirit of vindictiveness?

Leave it to the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, the mainstream media, to run with speculative stories and commentary emphasizing the negative to shape the anti-Kavanaugh sentiment.

Even if Kavanaugh wins appointment to the high court, there are Democrats willing to follow-up with continuing investigations in an effort to impeach Kavanaugh as a sitting Justice.

In the end, it is not Brett Kavanaugh that ultimately matters. It is the quest for Democrat power. One thought, as announced by Senator Mazie Hirono (HI-D), is to retake the Senate, hold the Supreme Court seat open until 2020, elect a Democrat president, then nominate someone of their choosing to fill the high court seat.

Another thought is to work toward the impeachment of President Trump. Delay until the November elections are over and the Democrats win House and the Senate. That sets the scene for the final act – the impeachment of President Trump. Of course, that would be fairly difficult with impeachment requiring 2/3 of the Senate and that is highly unlikely. However, if their dream comes true, there will be no legislative or judicial obstacle to block their drive for power for years to come – the Republic be damned.


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