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Thursday, August 09, 2018


“Comedians” comprise the spokesmen of the liberal left. They are haters who cannot get over the fact that their candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost the 2016 election. This is who they are up close and personal -- hateful, disgusting, despicable, vile (words not yet purged from the English language). They will attack anything and anyone who smacks of Trump, his family, his administration, Christians, conservatives (especially women and Black conservatives), right-of-center – anything imaginable that they perceive threatens the left. There are no barriers. There is no propriety. Nothing is too low.

In particular, this genre has become the late-night cultural norm, a genre without a soul and placing ugliness on parade. What passes for comedy is little more than sneering malice. Consider the following.

“She [Ivanka Trump] was supposed to be an advocate for women. But it turns out, she’s about as helpful to women as an empty box of tampons.” – Michelle Wolf, White House Correspondents’ Dinner (WHCD), WCNC, 4/25/18

“If the hell Billy Graham peddled for so many years is real, he’s in it. Good riddance.” –Alex Edelman, comedian (so-called), Twitter, 2/21/18

“New rule: forget getting into heaven. Jesus has to tell us how to get those abs. Whoo. Talk about crossfit.” –Bill Maher on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” portrayed with a picture of Christ on the cross with the caption, “Bod Almighty,” NewsBusters, 4/6/18

“I tell women if they get an abortion, it’ll make a ghost baby that’ll haunt their hoo-ha forever!” –Rachel Dratch, playing a crisis pregnancy counselor in a “comedy” sketch on John Oliver’s show, The Hill, 4/19/18

“We don’t make films for money. We make them to upset Mike Pence. Right?” –Jimmy Kimmel, at the Oscars, referencing a movie where an older gay man seduces a teenager, The Daily Wire, 3/5/18

“How Jimmy Kimmel became America’s conscience.” –headline, CNN Money, after Kimmel choked up about gun control, 10/3/17

“Melania, ho to ho: Kill that John in his sleep.” –Bill Maher, imagining a sign from the women’s march, Twitter, 1/26/18

“I take the apology back. F—k him.” –Kathy Griffin, on ABC’s The View, retracting her apology for the fake severed Trump head photo she posed last year, Entertainment Weekly, 4/30/18

“I love that Paul Ryan can effortlessly transition to ‘dad who is home for his kids on the weekend,’ as opposed to all the other dads he forced into second jobs with HIS F—KING TAX BILL.” –Lizz Winstead, Daily Show co-creator, on Twitter, 4/11/18

“That harlot that they’re dressing up and trolloping out every day? I mean, one day she has no makeup on at all, the next she has six-foot-long eyelashes, she’s got cleavage and summer wh-re lipstick all over her face. Can you believe what they turned her into? A proper trollop.” –Chelsea Handler, insulting Sarah Huckabee Sanders on her since-cancelled Netflix talk show, quoted at Fox News, 12/4/17

“To all the generals surrounding our idiot-in-chief…the longer U wait to remove him, the longer UR name will appear negatively in history.” –Chelsea Handler, calling for a military coup, on Twitter, 8/11/17

“In March, Samantha Bee’s show issued a formal apology to a young man who had attended the Conservative Political Action Conference and whom the show had blasted for having ‘Nazi hair.’ As it turned out, the young man was suffering from Stage 4 brain cancer – which a moment’s research on the producers’ part would have revealed: he had tweeted about his frightening diagnosis days before the conference.” –The Atlantic, May 2017.

“I feel as though comedians are becoming an endangered species right now. There’s something that I call the Comedy Removal Services out there. You know, like some kind of organization going on that wants to suck all the laughs out of our lives and just leave us with Donald Trump…” –Joy Behar, on The View, quoted at NewsBusters, 4/30/18

“I really don’t think that it’s appropriate to attack comedians. We’re on the right side of things. Also, the comedians are there to say the emperor has no clothes. We’re important people right now.” –Joy Behar, quoted in The Washington Times, 10/17/17

“Okay here’s how Cinco de Mayo works in 2018. White people are allowed to culturally appropriate on the condition that you help to destroy ICE. You kill 1 ICE agent and you get to wear a sombrero. 2 kills and you wear a poncho.” –Jake Flores, “comedian,” on Twitter, quoted in The New York Post, 5/10/18

“F—king funerals for f—king aborted fetuses? I would like to speak at those funerals. ‘He lived the way he died. He died the way he lived. The size of a sesame seed with no discerning brain function.’” –Sarah Silverman, NewsBusters, 2/2/18

By the Nielsen ratings Johnny Carson used to pull an audience of 9 million nightly. Jay Leno, when he took over, initially pulled an audience of 6.5 million. That is when comedians were funny. By comparison, in the mid-May ratings Stephen Colbert had 2.9 million viewers, Jimmy Kimmel 1.8 million, John Oliver 1 million, and Samantha Bee 850,000.

Without a doubt these vignettes raise questions about the scruples of people patronizing these “comedians.” The political aspect is merely the vehicle that exemplifies the broader coarsening of our culture. If it weren’t for the audiences that accept these routines the “comedians” would be out of business.


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