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Wednesday, February 01, 2017


Since Donald Trump’s election Democrats, liberals and progressives slipped into denial to explain their loss. Rather than admit they have a problem and work toward a solution they contrive one conspiracy theory after another. They just cannot believe they ran a lousy campaign with an eminently flawed candidate. After all, Hillary Clinton was supposed to be coronated.

Democrats in general and Democrat leaders in particular, remain in denial much to the Republicans’ glee. Democrats believe they never lose elections fair and square. What others regard as loss, they regard as stolen or that the voters were misled. They believe there is no way voters would reject Democrat appeal.

Mired in denial, Democrats are blinded by their own conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy #1: FBI Director Comey. Conventional wisdom states that Director Comey’s letter informing congress that the bureau had found new evidence against Hillary Clinton irreversibly changed the election in Trump’s favor. Never mind that it was Clinton who chose to use an illegal email server or that she deliberately mishandled classified documents by transmitting them on the same illegal unsecured server to avoid transparency.

Conspiracy #2: Voting Machines. Claims of rigged elections are nothing new. During the campaign even Trump was trumpeting the possibility of Hillary rigging the election. Maybe every candidate who comes out on the short end of the stick can cry “rigged election.” In Hillary’s case she had the mainstream media repeatedly proclaiming a rigged election in Wisconsin by claiming Hillary was denied as many as 30,000 votes.

Conspiracy #3: The Constitution got in the way of a fair vote. Liberals and Democrats blame the Electoral College for a lack of equity. In their view the popular vote should determine the presidential winner. Put another way, many Democrats and liberals would choose to stage an electoral coup rather than follow the Constitution. As is their usual complaint against anything of which they disapprove, progressives brand the Electoral College “racist” and “sexist.” The purpose of the election protests and marches, the harassing recounts and the calls to abandon the Electoral College are all planned resistance to disrupt as much as possible the peaceful transfer of power.

Conspiracy #4: Fake News. Democrats, liberals and progressives buy into Hillary’s claim that her opposition was planting “fake news” to sink her candidacy. That is another element of denial preventing Democrats and liberals from reconciling their large loss to Donald Trump. Yet, the mainstream media has engaged in fake news for decades. So, what’s new? Besides, why would the mainstream media carry fake news that would benefit Trump over Hillary? Isn’t the whole point of publishing fake news to set the liberal narrative, to influence legislation and to win elections for Democrats and liberals? Whether it’s the sexist wage gap between men and women doing the same work or the purported epidemic of rape on university campuses or the alleged large percentage of scientists who support Al Gore’s version of global warming fake news is intended to bolster Democrats, liberals and progressives.

Conspiracy #5: The Russian Excuse is yet another form of denial insinuating that Trump’s presidency is illegitimate. Ergo, Hillary Clinton should be president, not Donald Trump. The Russians, as other foreign populations, have always tried to influence elections and policies with propaganda and biased news stories. How, exactly, the Russians may have flipped the election in favor of Trump has never really been clarified. Did they stuff ballot boxes using a cadre of comrades? Or, did they hack voting machines which are not connected to the internet anyway? Or, did they pay hundreds of millions of dollars into a Trump slush fund to help in his election? Oh, wait – that was Hillary’s ploy. In any case, this excuse is just another version of “the dog ate my homework.”

The fact is that the Democrat Party, liberals and progressives are in the wilderness with no vision of a pathway out. Only old white folks hold leadership positions in the party. These old white folks are using the same tired old playbook of failed strategies. The Democrats have not developed depth of leadership with up-and-coming young people. That speaks volumes about their enduring denial.



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