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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


People who do not consume left wing, i.e., mainstream media, may have missed the following tidbits.

"Clinton Campaign May Have Been Too Smart to Win.” – This is a headline from the New York magazine. Oh, yes! The campaign was so smart it chose not to campaign in Wisconsin.

“Hillary Clinton won the election, but a system designed to let a powerful minority override the will of the majority selected some *&#hole.” – Markos “Kos” Moulitsas speaks eloquently in the Daily Kos. This is one dumb way to explain the Electoral College.

“Don’t feel sorry for the ones who enabled this nightmare by voting for the incoming Trump-Putin administration,” said Kos in an article titled “Be Happy for Coal Miners Losing Their Health Insurance. They’re Getting Exactly What They Voted For.” – from the Daily Kos. A fine example of the tolerant left exuding care, compassion and consideration.

“Under a Donald Trump presidency, sex is about to get a lot less fun.” – Jill Filipovic, CNN. Here we have an excellent illustration of the loony left and CNN coming unhinged. What does Filipovic’s remark have to do with anything?

“I too have been suffering from the unexpected turn of events, I too need some time in the fetal position, covers pulled up to my chin…” – documentary filmmaker distraught at the election of Donald Trump as quoted in the Washington Post. This guy needs psychiatric care for “Tds” (Trump derangement syndrome).

“Reality is not always able to give a yes or no answer.” -- So said fruitcake Kurt Eichenwald, a Newsweek reporter appearing on Fox News, when he was asked by Tucker Carlson for evidence justifying a tweet that Trump had spent time in a mental hospital. He made the remark on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” But that is okay. Liberals are not always tuned in to reality in any case.

“A lot of donors are saying, ‘I’m not putting another f*@^&%g dime in until someone tells me what just happened.’” – From a Politico column with a headline reading “Democratic Donors Call for Clinton Campaign Post-Mortem” demanding to know where their $1 billion went. For starters, it could be that the DNC pickpockets paid a bunch of inside-the-beltway campaign consultants a wad of money for their hot air – the very thing Donald Trump campaigned against.

From the same Politico article, here is another quote. “Many [fundraisers] have one question in mind, Where’s the autopsy?” Good question. And, the first to raise their hand takes responsibility for identifying who’s-who in the catastrophe. Any volunteers?

“I hate to say this, one chicken died. [Right] before the election, Hillary died.” – Governor Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) when asked about his family’s four pet chickens named Dolly, Snape, Camo and Hillary as quoted in the Washington Examiner. How prophetic. Once upon a time soothsayers would tell the future by “reading” chicken entrails. Maybe McAuliffe was practicing the ancient art of divination.

“Do we have to wait until the hammer-and-sickle is on the American flag, until we stand up to this guy [Trump]?” – Brilliantly spoken by Joy Behar, confusing the Soviet Union with Russia on ABC’s “The View.” From the days of the Cold War onward the Left has always been in love with the Communists. So, why change now?

More on the Putin influence of Trump’s election: “Putin knew; if Trump did too, he’ll have to go to prison.” Here is even more leftist insight into the fantasy of the hacking of the US election by Russia as observed by Keith Olbermann. Keith was attempting to make the point that the US has fallen to a “bloodless coup.” Nice try, Keith. Who are you working for now?

What would a critique of dumb remarks be without mention of the Dakota Access pipeline? Here is Van Jones (avowed Communist) on CNS News comparing the Dakota Access pipeline protests to the 1960s civil rights movement. “This feels like Selma! It feels like Montgomery! It feels like a time when a group that nobody paid attention to, black folks in the South, stood up and the world stood with them.” This doesn’t just feel crazy. It is crazy!


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