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Wednesday, June 27, 2018


            On Wednesday, June 20, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen and friend were having a “work dinner” at MXDC Cocina, a Mexican restaurant in Washington, DC. Nielsen was recognized by a patron who snapped a picture of her and sent it to friends. A group of demonstrators from the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) quickly assembled and harassed Nielsen for the next twenty minutes while Secret Service shielded her. “Of all the f_cking gall” shouted one woman at Nielsen. Another protester, Allison Hrabar, a member of the DSA and a paralegal specialist at the Department of Justice encouraged others to speak up when they see members of the Trump administration implementing the policies they oppose. Subsequently, a cell of demonstrators gathered on Friday morning outside Nielsen’s Alexandria, Virginia townhouse chanting “No justice, no sleep.” The following news outlets carried stories favorable to the demonstrators: The New Yorker, Splinter, The Washington Post, PBS NewsHour, Newsweek, DailyBeast, The New York Times among others.

            On Friday, June 22, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, President Trump’s White House Press Secretary, was confronted at dinner at a Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia. She was asked to leave in the middle of her meal. Why? Because she was – well, a member of the Trump administration. Owner Stephanie Wilkinson did not like Sanders politics and kicked her out. Wilkinson explained, “The restaurant has certain standards that I feel it has to uphold, such as honesty, and compassion, and cooperation.” Blarney! Remember that restaurant, the Red Hen, if you are in Lexington, Virginia.

            Of course, this behavior is not condoned by middle-of-the-road Democrats. But, neither is it condemned. Leftists and progressives, with whom Democrats find common cause, adopted rudeness, boorishness, and incivility as a modus operandi long ago.

            LEFTISTS AND INTOLERANCE. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) provides the benchmark for leftist make-believe tolerance as quoted in The Washington Free Beacon (4/3/2017). “We’re a big tent party.”

            Facts belie the truth. To wit, consider the following. Here is Erin Matson, abortion activist, addressing the Women’s March as reported in The Washington Post (11/9/2017). “There is no such thing as a feminism that tolerates opposition to abortion.” Of course.

            Twitter can be a beautiful thing. “Kindly STFU, you hypocrite” tweeted George Takei (known for his role as helmsman of the USS Enterprise in the Star Trek TV series) as he eloquently responded to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s call for prayer for the Sutherland Springs, TX church shooting victims. From Takei’s tweet 11/5/2017. (If you don’t know what STFU stands for, look it up, or ask a Millennial.)

            “If you’re a lady Hoosier, you may recognize him as the governor who inspected your reproductive organs every 30 days to make sure you weren’t using them in ways that would make Jesus sad.” Samantha Bee (comedian?) on Vice President Mike Pence in Fortune 7/19/2016.

            Jennifer Wright penned some advice on tolerance in Harper’s Bazaar (8/11/2017). “If You Are Married to a Trump Supporter, Divorce Them.” Nice.

            LEFTISTS AND HATE. Hillary Clinton summarized the leftist ideal in an “Essence” magazine article on 9/16/2016. The ideal, of course, is fantasy but she was serious in her delusion. “We’ve got to keep working together and that means creating a common ground and common purpose wherever we can. There will always be naysayers; there will always be haters. What we’re trying to do is so much bigger than them and so much more hopeful than they even understand. I’m going to keep reaching out….”

            In reality, here is what the left actually says and does. “Wisconsin College Democrats Leader Resigns After ‘I F-cking Hate White Men’ Tweet.” This on Fox News, 11/16/2017.

            “Since Trump’s Election, Violence Against His Supporters Has Become Routine” reported The Daily Caller, 11/13/2017.

            Also in the Daily Caller (11/4/2017) “May Robert Mueller fry Trump’s gonads.” This was Rene Boucher’s Facebook posting. Rene Boucher? He is the neighbor who broke six of Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) ribs.

            “I hate people now. Well, not all people, of course. Just people who voted for Trump…You are idiots and my heart seethes with wrath against you.” This from Katha Pollitt, New York Review of Books, 11/7/2017.

            “Death Threats Against Scott Pruitt [Have] Led to Dramatic Rise in Security Costs” as reported by Legal Insurrection, 10/23/2017,

            LEFTISTS AND SEXISM. Now here is an issue on which one would think that leftists, the “home” of feminism, would speak muscularly. Really. Here is the delusion articulated in the Democrat platform, Democrats.org. “By confronting violence against women, fighting for workplace equality…Democrats will make sure that women thrive in our country….” Okay.

            Try these pronouncements. “Donna Brazile Says She Faced Sexism from Top Hillary Clinton Aides.” Huffington Post, 11/6/2017.

            “We are going to escort whore out the door” proclaimed Vincent Sheheen, South Carolina Democrat gubernatorial candidate, referring to then-Governor Nikki Haley (R, SC). The Hill, 10/31/2014.

            “Elizabeth Warren’s Female Staffers Made 71% of Male Staffers’ Salaries in 2016” Reported by The Washington Free Beacon, 4/4/2016.

            Civility may be all but dead as leftist hypocrisy and vileness expands and thrives.


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