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Wednesday, March 21, 2018


What is the Deep State? The term describes a faction of mid to high level government officials that intentionally influences state policy and undermines the efforts of democratically elected leadership. In effect it becomes a shadow government working at odds to the elected government. The term is not conspiratorial as some would assert. Deep State captures the idea of a “government within a government” going as far back as the Ottoman Empire.

What is the best counter to the Deep State? Transparency. Holding federal agencies accountable to the American people will incur honesty and integrity.

Unfortunately, it is the Deep State, including the Mueller investigation, that is running the show and now obstructing the Trump administration at every turn. The Deep State is protecting its own. What has unfolded at the Department of Justice, FBI, IRS and Department of State since the 1990s would make the old Soviet KGB jealous.

Trump-hating FBI agents and intimate associates Peter Strzok and Lisa Page discussed a so-called “secret society” within the federal government – not just the FBI – holding secret meetings off-site as disclosed recently by an informant. This raises the question as to whether Former FBI Director James Comey, current director Christopher Wray, and even Special Counsel Robert Mueller are part of the same cabal. All have an axe to grind with President Trump and would just as soon see him removed from office.

At this point it should be obvious to even a casual observer that the on-going and far-reaching Mueller investigation is not about what role Russia played in the 2016 election. That is merely a cover story. Mueller’s world-wide mystery tour is really about an anti-Trump and Never Trump search for any law, no matter how obscure, that Trump may have broken to force him from office. In this the Deep State is complicit. The trail of wreckage Mueller leaves behind as a result of perjury traps is all pursuant to “getting the goods on Trump.”

Deep State efforts are not motivated by superficial biases. They are motivated by corruption at the deepest levels, the same stuff governments of third world countries engage in.

One year into the Trump administration the Deep State within the State Department is still withholding information about the Benghazi scandal. They even fought in court as to whether or not they should search former Secretary Clinton’s aides’ email accounts for information involving Hillary. Government lawyers protecting the Deep State engage in petty fights doing as they please and ignoring policy guidance from Senate-confirmed officials. It is the Deep State that does not want to do the hard work required of transparency.

Because of the Deep State, Lois Lerner and the IRS got away scot free. Substantial evidence was obtained of the Obama IRS working with Democrats in Congress and with appointees of the Obama Justice Department and the FBI to target political opponents and suppress the Tea Party movement that influenced the 2012 election. 

Because of the Deep State Attorney General Jeff Sessions has refused to reopen the Clinton email scandals.

Judicial Watch, a public interest law firm, has done yeoman’s work in forcing government transparency and unveiling the Deep State. To date, they have at least three dozen Freedom of Information requests pending along with 15 lawsuits underway.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been dismissed and CIA director of proven loyalty, Mike Pompeo, has been nominated to replace him. Andrew McCabe, former Deputy Director of the FBI had been on leave until he was fired March 16. These signal the possible first steps in dismantling the Deep State and sending a message to the Deep State to cease and desist. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray must investigate all malpractice at the DOJ associated the Russia investigation and FBI handling of the Clinton emails. If they fail to deliver, they should resign. They will have proven themselves to be ill suited for the job.


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