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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Western Kentucky University student government voted on April 17 in favor of reparations for Black students in the form of free tuition. The resolution recommends that the university acknowledge slavery as a “debt that will never be paid.” Free tuition should be offered to all Black students regardless whether they have links to slavery or not.

Any excuse is reason enough to produce wall-to-wall racial incitement by the leftist media. Race becomes fake news, a phony ginned-up issue when the outcome does not fit the race baiters’ narrative. When the eyewitnesses and testimony do not support the racist narrative all that is left is to dredge up sympathy and divisiveness stemming from America’s past wrongs -- slavery.

Here is the line of reasoning never highlighted by the dominant media. Any economic, social or political event that does not conform to the progressive narrative justifies being branded as racism. Reason? Racism somehow always plays a part. Why? Racism runs deep and wide in our contemporary culture. Reason? Blacks have been mistreated since the days of slavery. Result? Blacks can never receive fair treatment in a White-dominated society. This is typical fare for those who make a living exploiting racial division.

Slavery has a long, sordid history and Blacks alone do not bear the stigma of this vile practice. Historically, Whites have been sold as salves in great numbers for centuries. I know. My people experienced slavery for millennia.

In our era of political correctness, in the shadow of the Civil Rights movement, knowledge of White slavery has all but disappeared. Within academia the unprecedented focus by educators on the Black experience assumes that only Blacks have been subject to slavery. Slave trade using Whites as chattel is a story little known in revisionist American history. From the earliest days of the American colonies hundreds of thousands of Whites were cajoled, kidnapped, chained, whipped and worked to death up through the Industrial Revolution.

Euphemistically, “indentured servants,” many English and other Europeans, contracted to work for seven years in the New World. Little did they know they were selling themselves into bondage -- in many cases indefinitely. This was sometimes called “voluntary slavery.”

Slavery knows no racial, ethnic or cultural bounds. Thousands of years ago the Greeks, famous for their early practice and advocacy of democracy, enslaved other peoples as well as their fellow Greeks. Romans enslaved thousands of Celtic peoples in Britain. Julius Caesar enslaved more than a million Gauls. Slave dealers followed in the wake of his legions. After Charlemagne conquered Saxony huge numbers of captured Caucasians were forced into slave markets to be sold like cattle.

From the 8th to the 11th centuries France was a major transit point for White slaves to the Muslim world. The sale of White slaves to Asia and Africa provided European treasuries with a regular supply of gold. Rouen, France in particular was the port for shipping Irish and Flemish slaves to the Muslim world. Venice, Italy was also a major transit point for White slaves brought from northern Europe across the Alps and traded for oriental luxury goods, especially clothing.

The stereotype often presented is the Muslim slaver herding Blacks across the desert. In fact, for more than seven centuries, until the fall of Muslim Spain, the opposite was true. It was chained White slaves who were herded to market.

In the eastern European steppes there was a flourishing slave network. Slavs and Finns entered the Muslim slave markets via the Black and Caspian Sea routes. The word “slave” is derived from the word “Slav.” White Russian Muscovites were enslaved by both European slave traders and large slave raiding operations conducted by the Mongols and by the Ottoman Empire.

Slave trading was a major commercial activity in the Viking age with the main source of slaves coming from the Scots, Irish, Danes and Icelanders. Viking slavers sold tens of thousands of White slaves to Muslims Spain. So lucrative was the slave trade that Spanish Muslims sent diplomatic missions to Scandinavia during the 840s to formalize slave trade relations.

The British parliament in 1659 debated the practice of selling British Whites into slavery in the “New World.” This was the British solution to the problem of poor Whites in urban England during the Industrial Revolution and the “Irish Problem” confronting British landlords.

Today, Caucasian-Americans are called upon to carry what Harvard Professor Shelby Steele calls “white guilt” referring to a sense of individual or collective guilt felt by progressive Whites for America’s history. In its sickest form, race hustlers, liberals, progressives and Democrats use white guilt to politically induce support for affirmative action and redistribution of wealth via reparations.

If there are any ties to slavery and racial hatred in America today, one look no further than the diplomatically protected Saudi Arabian mission to the United States. In instance after instance, Saudi slavery and human trafficking occur almost every day with no mainstream media coverage.

Who will pay reparations to my people? Who will speak for my people who were bound in servitude? Where is the social justice for my people? But, enough already. The catalyst of slavery must not be used as an excuse for progressive social reforms.

Get over it. No Black person born in the US today ever experienced the institution of slavery within these shores. My people do not need to be lectured by the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on the evils of slavery. We overcame the institutional stigma to create the freest nation on earth. Today, people flock to our shores, legally and illegally, for freedom.


Dennis M. Patrick can be contacted at P. O. Box 337, Stanley, ND 58784 or (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


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