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Friday, May 12, 2017


Since the election of President Donald Trump, and the defeat of Hillary Clinton, far too many on the left have become unhinged in ways exhibited as a certain kind of stupid. First, look no further than the world of celebrities, those beautiful people with less than beautiful minds.

“Barron Trump [Donald and Melania’s 11-year-old son] looks like a very handsome date-rapist-to-be,” spoken gleefully by Stephen Spinola, a comedian, in a deleted tweet, quoted in WND.com 1/20/17.

“Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.” Delivered from the heart of Katie Rich, SNL (suspended) in a deleted tweet 1/20/17

In the past, haven’t presidents’ children been off limits for public scrutiny?

“Literally every time the President opens his mouth, he creates a mess. He is a walking baby anus.” Michael Ian Black, another not-so-funny comedian trying hard to generate a belly laugh on Twitter, 2/6/17.

“Melania starts the dictatorship rally with the Lord’s Prayer?” A sensitive and spiritual Jaime Primak, reality show star, on the First Lady’s opening prayer, in now-deleted tweet, quoted by Fox News, 2/19/17.

        “F*&k All Of You White Men.” Here we have actress Rose McGowan exploring her right to free speech on Facebook, 2/14/17.

“F^%k white people.” Jack Moore, screenwriter, expressing himself less than delicately on election night, 11/9/16, when Hillary’s coronation collapsing around her.

Have you ever noticed how celebrities do not blush at dishing up their contribution of the culture coarsening fair?

But wait, there is more. Second, the leftist media is also deranged. They still don’t understand how the election turned out the way it did and are wandering in a wilderness of fake news.

Here is a headline from Salon.com 1/25/17. “Don’t Look Now: It’s President Pence! Donald Trump Can Be Deposed, Even Without Impeachment.” Worse than bias is a veiled threat.

            “[I]t’s about time for a Presidential assassination.” So says Monisha Rajesh, a columnist from the UK Sunday Telegraph in a tweet dated 11/8/16. Someone on the editorial board had the common sense to fire Rajesh.

            “[V]oucher programs will lead to more suicides. Betsy DeVos’ policies will kill children. That is not an exaggeration in any sense.” This by Vanity Fair film critic Richard Lawson speaking in a now deleted tweet as originally reported by Fox News, 2/6/17.

            “President Trump told a US military audience that there have been terrorist attacks that no one knows about because the media chooses not to report them. It has been a busy day for Presidential statements divorced from reality.” This from Scott Pelly at CBS News as reported by Mediaite 2/7/17. It appears Pelly is also divorced from reality.

            “Before Trump even put his hand on the Bible, more than 1,000 progressive lawyers gathered in San Francisco in January…[to make] plans to ‘repudiate the disgusting, terrible policies that the Trump administration is going to try to push forward’ before there technically was a Trump Administration.” This screed is from Time Magazine, 2/2/17.

First the celebrities, then the media and third the Democrats themselves exhibit soft insanity.

            “People are…worried [about Trump]. They want the Congress to come together and form a separate branch of government, which is strong, which is based on law and the Constitution.” This was brilliantly articulated by Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) as cited in Real Clear Politics, 2/1/17. Apparently she is not aware that Congress IS a separate branch of government.

            “And you better believe every Senator who voted to put Jeff Sessions’ radical hatred into the Justice Department will hear from all of us, too.” Senator Elizabeth Warren on Twitter, 2/8/17, taking leave of her sanity.

            Finally, the group one would correctly think most likely to represent the unhinged would be the hard left activists, the most vicious of all the deranged.

            “There is usually a piece of like fusible metal or a piece of glass with liquid in it that will blow.” This advice was given by Colin Dunn of the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition to James O’Keefe’s undercover Project Veritas describing a plot to disrupt a Trump inaugural ball at the National Press Club. O’Keefe reported the plot to the FBI. WND.com carried the story on 1/16/17.

            “…And we need to start killing people. First off, we need to start killing the White House. The White House must die. The White House, your *@#& White House, your ^%*@# Presidents, they must go!” This was eloquently articulated by a Black Lives Matter activist (identified as a teacher) on a megaphone at a Seattle anti-Trump protest. This was reported by The Daily Caller 1/30/17.

Liberals in general and Democrats in particular are unbelievably jealous of Donald Trump’s win. It should have been Hillary. Progressives and far left extremists need to learn how to win if they are ever to recuperate from their sizable losses at all government levels over the past decade.


Dennis M. Patrick can be contacted at P. O. Box 337, Stanley, ND 58784 or (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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