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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Not all news is covered by the mainstream media. Those items in particular that are omitted by editorial boards are items that do not fit the liberal progressive narrative. What follows represents stories not typically seen by consumers of the dominant media.

Consider the Washingtonian’s November 9, 2016, coverage of the Washington Post’s election night party preparing to celebrate a Hillary Clinton win. Featured at the party held at the Washington Post’s headquarters was a female “server” who had shed her clothes in favor of a patchwork of napkins. Guests were encouraged to remove the napkins one by one from the woman who was wearing something resembling a light chain link corset holding the napkins. If the blue napkins represented blue states then it is fortunate for the “lady” that Hillary’s loss was noted mid-evening.

Eventually, some feminist reporters complained in a letter to the WaPo’s publisher Fred Ryan. “The napkin-wearing woman who was being disrobed by guests went beyond inappropriate to offensive to those of us who resent seeing women continually being reduced to and offered as objects of men’s sexual desires.” Imagine the Washington Post double-crossing the feminists of America. For that matter, imagine throwing a party for a loser.

Actions have consequences and so it is with the mega-push for a $15 per hour minimum wage. Several leftist organizations including the Service Employees International Union underwrite the grassroots effort to “Fight for $15” with never-ending protests at fast-food establishments. This effort has prompted McDonald’s to replace human cashiers with self-serve kiosks to avoid financial loss from unwarranted wage hikes. McDonald’s former CEO Ed Rensi explains it to Forbes magazine this way. “The push for a $15 starter wage has negatively impacted the career prospects of employees who were just getting started in the workforce while extinguishing the businesses that employed them.” Common sense is missing from the liberals and progressives who espouse Fight for $15. Their feeling is that all businesses should operate as non-profit organizations. As progressives push for a higher and higher minimum wage more and more positions will be filled by robots – who don’t protest, call in sick or go on strike.

Then there is this. Apparently, Millennials are a different breed from earlier generations. They need training to act their age. Portland, Maine recently saw fit to open The Adulting School. No kidding. According to Fox Business Network’s Mornings with Maria, March 31, 2017, it is a new school “aimed at teaching basic life lessons to Millennials preparing them for the real world.” (Adulthood?) If you missed that story, you can check out The Adulting School on Facebook. Classes include budgeting, scheduling, insurance, car repair and other practical life skills. As advertised, “You’re smart and capable. Your education just didn’t provide you with all the skills you need.” Founder Eva Wiseman of the UK Guardian blames Millennial immaturity on modern life. “While their parents had fairly linear paths to adulthood – secure jobs, affordable homes in which to raise children, a pension even, a shed – the Millennials who dabble in adulting have no similar scripts to follow, and find themselves on the hard shoulder of life.” So sad. Maybe their parents should kick them out of the house and let them find their own way through experience and hard work.

Dead White European Males (DWEBs) have been exiled from most American campuses including the University of Pennsylvania. On December 12, 2016, The Daily Pennsylvanian reported that students, suffering under Trump Derangement Syndrome, removed a portrait of Shakespeare from the English Department. The portrait had hung over the staircase for decades. In place of the Bard of Avon the students posted a picture of the late African-American lesbian writer Audre Lourde. Shakespeare’s work just could not compare to Lourde’s poem “Power” in which an 85-year-old white woman is raped and beaten. The cool thing is that these students go into overwhelming debt to study such trash. Maybe it is just as well that Shakespeare has been banished so he did not have to witness such higher education garbage.

Has anyone seen these stories covered in the mainstream media?



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