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Thursday, August 30, 2018


            Even to the casual observer, special counsel Robert Mueller’s “investigation” of “Russian collusion” during the 2016 presidential campaign is now little more than a one-sided fishing expedition. On July 13, 2018, Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General who appointed Robert Mueller, held a press conference. He announced, “There is no allegation in this indictment that any American citizen committed a crime. There is no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result.” Rosenstein did state that 12 Russians were indicted on attempting to break into various computer networks. What are the chances they will be extradited from Russia to stand trial in the US?

            The deck has been stacked exclusively in Mueller’s favor (all investigators are Democrats; all are Clinton donors). Russian collusion was the pretext. Removing Donald Trump is now the objective.

            Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the 2016 election. It was her turn and she should have been coronated. Democrats, liberals, and progressives cannot accept the fact that she lost to an outsider. These people along with the dominant liberal media hate Trump. These people believed that, with Mueller’s probe, Trump would be gone within the first six months. That Trump is still in office after almost two years and with his poll numbers gradually rising drives the left insane.

            The collusion thing has fallen apart and Mueller is leading the charge to destroy Trump in any way he can. He has surrounded himself with Trump haters. Mueller’s team takes it personally that Trump won the election fair and square. That was not supposed to happen and they are committed to removing Trump from office any way they can including getting as many of Trump’s former associates to turn on him.

            Judge Andrew Napolitano offers a blunt and chilling observation. “The Supreme Court has ruled that federal prosecutors and FBI agents can use trickery, deceptions, and outright falsehoods – even disguises, verbal traps, and fraud – to help them extract information from a witness or person they are investigating.” In short, a federal prosecutor can lie to a defendant who appears voluntarily and is not under oath, but the defendant cannot lie to the prosecutor.

            On August 21, US Attorney Robert Khuzami commented on Michael Cohen’s plea deal. In it he stated that “…we are a nation of laws, with one set of rules that applies equally to everyone.” If only his noble words were believable. In truth, one set of rules apply to the well-connected ruling class and a different set apply to the rest of us.

            Americans have watched the FBI treat one presidential campaign with utmost respect and the other campaign with informants, warrants, and eavesdropping. Americans have watched the Justice Department avoid accountability.

            Now Americans observe Mueller’s probe engaging in unequal treatment and they cannot abide the one-sided nature of his probe. Mr. Cohen, formerly Trump’s lawyer, pleaded guilty to eight felony charges two of which involved purported campaign finance violations and payments to women who allege affairs with Trump. Khuzami claims these payments were for the purpose of “influencing an election” and undermining its “integrity.”

            Fine. One set of rules? As Mueller casts a wider net, where is his referral of a case against Hillary? The Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research to assemble a false dossier against Trump in a FISA court. That ultimately initiated the Russia narrative which formed the basis of the Mueller probe. Is the justice system still trustworthy?

            The Mueller probe no longer focuses on criminal or civil offenses. It’s personal. It really is not complicated. Trump is an outsider. They don’t like the way he talks, the way he makes fun of them, the way he mocks them. He is not “presidential.”

            It’s personal. Mueller turned the Manafort and Cohen findings over to the New York District Court because he had no evidence of Russian collusion. Now he has given the Trump Organization CFO, Allen Weisselburg, immunity and turned his findings over to the New York State Court in Manhatten. Trump has no pardon authority over state convictions. Defendants have families and the Mueller probe can threaten their families. They threatened Cohen’s wife because she was a cosigner on his tax returns. They can’t find Russian collusion but they still want to destroy Trump in any way possible whether through friends, family, or Trump Organization. The fishing expedition goes on.

            Mueller’s so-called “investigation” has morphed into a full-blown partisan probe. He is too invested in his work now to not produce results. He has spent millions of taxpayer dollars. To what end? Speculation has it, and it is only speculation, that Mueller’s objective is to force Trump from office by threatening to ruin his family and destroy the Trump organization.

            This, in part, is what the swamp looks like. It is vile. Trump has shown the nation in less than two years what can be done without the ruling class swamp. He has vowed to drain that swamp. His enemies are legion and the swamp will not drain easily.


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