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Wednesday, April 25, 2018


The word “collusion” is much in vogue today. Let’s set the scene.

It is no secret the mainstream media believes President Trump is a rotten criminal who should be exposed and dispatched of as quickly as possible. If Trump is rotten, then his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, must also be rotten. If Cohen is rotten, then anyone who associates with Cohen must be rotten.

Enter Sean Hannity, conservative TV and radio personality. Because Hannity has had only personal, not professional, contact with Cohen, and because Hannity is a big supporter of President Trump, and whereas Hannity’s name came up in Cohen’s court proceedings, Hannity must also be tainted.

The mainstream media accused Hannity of conflict of interest for not divulging that he had a personal relationship with Cohen. Hannity must be hiding something -- and colluding.

Now, what have we learned about Trump as a “bad actor” since he has been in office? Not much. What we have learned is that Donald Trump has been the butt of persecution. President Trump, Trump Tower, his campaign, and his transition was illegally wiretapped in order to get a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page, a low level functionary. Result? Nothing more momentous than Carter Page had spoken with Michael Flynn. Trump people were spied upon, illegally wiretapped, entrapped, and harassed and some even ruined. What has really been uncovered is unbelievable improprieties within the FBI, corruption throughout the Justice Department, and a special counsel investigation that has been nothing but a scam.

Bless their hearts, Rush Limbaugh and Victor Davis Hanson laid out an extensive and detailed account of media and government collusion in multiple conflicts of interest, the essence of hypocrisy. They deserve the credit for random picks of “failure to disclose.” This is what real collusion looks like.

--Jake Tapper. CNN and Tapper failed to disclose his anti-gun bias. He had been spokesman for Handgun Control, a gun-control advocacy group.

--Jeffery Toobin. Toobin is a lifelong friend of Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. He was also a member of JournoList until its demise. JournoList was an internet chat room through which Journalists strategized how to promote the Democrat Party’s objectives. CNN never required disclosure.

--Matt Miller. CNN never required Miller to disclose that he had been Attorney General Eric Holder’s spokesman, he worked for the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, worked for Senator Bob Menendez, and worked on the John Kerry presidential campaign.

--George Stephanopoulos. Has ABC been required to disclose that George is not a trained journalist or that he worked in the Bill Clinton war room designed to destroy any woman who alleged any sexual dalliance with Bill?

There are other undisclosed instances of conflict including Jackie Kucinich, Gloria Borger, Ari Melber, John Harwood, and Mika Brzezinski.

Moving on to the conflicts of interest in the Mueller “Russia” investigation, it is hard not to spot examples of collusion in the Mueller team, Justice Department, and FBI – all unreported in the media.

--Andrew McCabe. Former FBI deputy director’s wife running for Virginia state senate received $700,000 from Clinton-related campaign-funding committees. This while McCabe was investigating the Clinton machine!

--WilmerHale Law Firm. This is Robert Mueller’s old law firm which provided many team-Mueller attorneys. At least seven of Mueller team members contributed money to the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton, or both.

--Andrew Weissmann (WilmerHale). This Mueller team member cheered via email Obama DOJ holdover Sally Yates when she attempted to block Trump’s first immigration moratorium.

--Sally Yates. She co-signed one of the FISA-court requests authorizing surveillance on the Trump campaign based on the phony Steele dossier. She did not tell the judge it was political opposition research and paid for by Hillary Clinton.

--Bruce Ohr. Another Obama holdover serving as Associate Deputy Attorney General met with the Fusion GPS architects of the Steele dossier. He did not disclose his meeting to superiors at DOJ. Nor was it immediately known that his wife, Nellie, had been hired by Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research on Trump.

--Aaron Zebley (WilmerHale). Mueller’s chief of staff while Mueller served as FBI director. He now serves with the Mueller investigation. He had recently represented Justin Cooper. Cooper had set up Hillary Clinton’s private server when she was Secretary of State. He later used a hammer to destroy Hillary’s mobile devices.

--Jeannie Rhee (WilmerHale). Member of Mueller’s team. She is a huge Hillary Clinton donor. She recently represented not only the Clinton Foundation but also Obama’s deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes during the 2012 Benghazi attack and Hillary’s cover-up of the same.

There are so many more examples but space does not permit inclusion. Is there any doubt that the Inside Washington crowd, the “swamp,” looks out for each other, protects each other, and joins in targeting anyone who threatens the establishment? The Mueller investigation is particularly thick with conflict and collusion. And the best that the media can report on is a porn star! Give me a break!


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