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Monday, January 30, 2017


President Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education is clearly a choice for choice. Betsy DeVos stands firmly committed to the expansion of opportunities for a quality education to every child in America. She has a history of engagement with all the moving parts involved in the fulfillment of improving education.
First and foremost is a belief in parents and families to advocate for their children.

Decisions made by a department in the federal government have led to failed schools and a system which has handed the "chance" for a better education over to a roll of the dice. In several inner city districts, the only "choice" is to participate in a lottery with ridiculous odds in order to "win" a place in a charter school.
Next is the question of control.
DeVos joins most Americans in her desire to return control to the states. This would encourage the involvement of local communities, i.e. parents, teachers, school administrators and business leaders to meet and share their input and resources to meet the needs raised by unique demographic challenges.
As a leader DeVos is equipped to be an architect in a new age of innovation and technology. She needs a green light in order begin drafting a customized approach to contemporary education.
With this position, she can build bridges between the individual schools and the people they serve in order to effect the necessary changes in order to make America rise above the status-quo.
Betsy DeVos believes that the status-quo is not an option. The US can't afford to lose any more ground!
This is not the privatizing of education to the demise of public education.
Access to free public education is one of the foundations of America.
It is a matter of stewardship with an eye on what is best for every student who deserves the best education possible.
As North Dakotans, we may not be confronted with the realities of the inner cities, but there are plenty of children who would benefit from a system that is not one size fits all.
Senator Heitkamp, a member of the Senate Education Committee says she wants to be a part of fixing the education system in America.
Let's take her word for it and urge her to vote to recommend that Betsy DeVos be confirmed as Secretary of Education.
Politics aside, let's all work together to give our kids the opportunities they deserve by getting behind someone who believes in what the American people can do if they are given a choice!

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