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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Out of many One"

A phrase of unknown origin, E pluribus unum has been coined by poets and theologians to express the age old quest for unity without the sacrifice of the individual.  In this spirit, it became one of our nation's mottos-adopted by an Act of Congress in 1782. 

It appears on the seal of the President, Vice President, the United States Congress, United States House of Representatives, United States Senate and on the seal of the United States Supreme Court.  It also appears on most official US currency.

I am invoking this phrase as a call to arms as the nation looks forward to the 2012 election cycle, specifically as it relates to the GOP and the Tea Party movement.

I would go as far to call on the next RNC Chairman to spearhead a summit in early 2011 to bring together leaders and candidates from the groups who bear the seal (except Supreme Court) along with all of the Republican national committees and leaders of the various Tea Party organizations.  The purpose is to dialogue on the core issues that unite us.

One of the primary reasons the Republican Party had such success in the 2010 election is a reflection of this idea-that out of the many voices, one spirit united to counter the overreach of the President and the U.S. Congress these past two years.

The energy and momentum cannot stop with the 2010 election - it must continue through 2012 if Republicans hope to capture the White House and the United States Senate.

The GOP and Tea Party movement are united on these issues-issues which define us as a free people committed to self-government--and must work together to move forward not only the principles of these two groups but the candidates who support them.

The Tea Party movement brings a new focus to the issues which are critical to our country's future and prosperity.  The GOP must embrace these issues and lead or they will be the next casualty of the electorate.

We must stand on the proven power of principle to hold us to the course set forth by the founders of the Republic in the Constitution.  We cannot let the star-power of personality capture the spotlight and diminish the voice of the people.  Instead, we must redouble our efforts to build a grassroots movement of informed citizens who are equipped to hold the elected representatives accountable to the platform. 

This new era of electronic communications we live in will not be kind to those who ignore the voice of the people and we Republicans should not ignore it either.

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