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Monday, June 20, 2016


The dust has settled and the wind died down enough for all of us to sit back, take a deep breath and ask ourselves once again, "Is it worth it?"
After what we've come through leading up to the primary elections in ND, I think it brings up some thoughts worth thinking and a few words worth saying.
I might start on a casual note and state the obvious.
The reasons that most individuals get involved in a political campaign have been forgotten or deemed irrelevant once the polls are closed and the results are in.
Perhaps the individual felt he/she had an important message that needed to be delivered, only to learn that the reason someone voted for them was because the candidate's name was familiar.
And anyone who is naïve enough to think that involvement in a statewide campaign across North Dakota is exciting and glamorous, stopping in small town restaurants and drinking bad coffee, missing a son or daughter's baseball game will surely bring up the question, "Is it worth it?"
Just one more thought -- I couldn't resist -- Whenever I've asked someone what it was like to run for office, I've heard phrases that sounded more like a description of torture than a rewarding experience!
  • "I feel like I really stuck my neck out"
  • "I feel like I'd been drawn and quartered."
  • "Boy, did I get burned!"
  • "Being in the Public eye is like you have no life of your own."
  • "I thought that person was my friend?"
  • "I felt betrayed when I discovered he didn't vote for me!"
Back to the people involved, for all their differences on certain issues, they have lots in common. And I would guess that some of the things they were (or are) most passionate about, don't have the same power as they did in the fray of the campaign.
It has happened to me. I haven't run for anything of note in my life, but I have been involved in the process. Things never seem as cut and dried and clear at the end as they do at the outset.
Not one of the candidates I'm thinking about had a mandate to take precious time from busy lives at a time of year when most pastors have given up on trying to get folks to stay home from the lake cabin on weekends!
No one forced them to spend money on campaign ads and hotel rooms that could have been put to use for a much needed vacation or some form of personal enjoyment.
And while I don't know specifics and did not interview any individuals, I am confident of the following things:
  • They did it because they could.
  • They did it because they cared.
  • They did it because it mattered.
As an American and fellow North Dakotan and still part of this mildly dysfunctional family referred to as the Republican Party, I say, "Thank you!"
Thank you for the gifts of your talents, your time and your treasures to make the political process what it is in America---a forum for thought, ideas and vigorous debate about things that matter.
The battle scars earned in this contest will be carried to the next phase which will be to forge alliances in shaping the future of North Dakota.
Most good soldiers who live to fight another day have learned as much or more from their rivals as they have gleaned from working with their allies.
So for all who gave time and energy to this recent contest or one in the past and have ever wondered.
"Is it Worth it"?
I say, "Yes!"

"Keep up the fight: It's Worth It!"


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