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Thursday, May 12, 2011


"I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece.  I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk the their talk"

Tony Robbins



Join Her as She "Walks the Talk"


If you have any experience in your past life with Sunday school or catechism you've heard at least one lecture or lesson on "Walking the Talk."


One bishop puts it this way to the young people on the eve of their confirmation:  "Go out and share the Good News which you have discovered; take words with you, but use them only if you have to!"  We all know the old adage, "Actions speak louder than words",

but how many people do YOU know who actually live as if they believe it?


In the world of politics and politicians it seems like a rarity-even an anomaly.  And maybe it is, but my experience with Michele Bachmann has encouraged me and given me hope that integrity is still alive in America!  She doesn't just talk back to Washington or talk about taking back Washington-she is walking the talk about taking it back!


I met the Congresswoman when I was (as Chairman of the ND GOP) out scouting for a headliner for the first ever, "Take Back Washington" rally.   The purpose of the event was for the candidates to hear what the grassroots had to say.  The people would do the talking and the candidates would simply listen.  The keynote speaker would be someone who could speak to the issues of concern from a conservative viewpoint.


When Michele agreed to come, I was really excited.  Not only had she been elected to another term as a Congresswoman from the 6th District in Minnesota, she was gaining national recognition as a spokesperson for the T.E.A.  Party movement and, of course, someone who meant what she said as verified by a voting record consistent with her well-articulated conservative philosophy.


As a social and fiscal conservative, much of what she shared that night in February of 2010 in front of a crowd of close to a thousand people resonated with their beliefs and concerns, but what stood out to me was what she said about personal conviction and integrity.  When asked about her experience as a member of Congress her answer was prefaced by the sentence, 


"When you go to Washington to serve the people who elected you, you'd better be sure of who you are." 


My first thought as I heard her say it was, "I wonder what she means by that" and as it went through my mind, I heard her talking further about knowing what you believe and the willingness to act on those beliefs.  She even said a thing or two about conscience!  She sounded a lot like the Founding Fathers speaking about an informed electorate and the importance of the Constitution upheld as a guide for a people committed to morality and truth.


The moment those thoughts got running in my head, they were chased by a whole raft of others looking for a place to land.  I decided to put them down on paper.  After I did so, I compared notes with what Michele presented that night in Bismarck and the following ten tenets were the result.

 Ten Tenets of Freedom 

  • Freedom is a necessary pre-requisite to equality
  • Freedom is not free: Individual freedom comes with the price tag of individual responsibility
  • Freedom is only one generation from extinction:   it must be "caught not just taught"
  • The Government is of, by and FOR the people, not the other way around
  • Economic freedom is the foundation of personal and political freedom
  • Economic freedom requires fiscal responsibility from the people and the government.
  • Freedom is not absolute autonomy and self-sufficiency based on the human potential to reason; to thrive it needs the support of the great religious traditions of humanity
  • Freedom requires that the people stand their ground against the nationalization of health care, the media, and big business
  • Freedom flourishes in the company of an informed and involved electorate
  • Without an educated electorate, freedom becomes a farce or a tragedy or both
  • Truth is the foundation for freedom; freedom is tied to a measure of reality which is the truth.  It has limits and boundaries; My right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the protection of the same rights of another
  • Because of the finite nature of man, there will never be a state of perfection or utopia on earth, therefore there is a need for some rule of law and order in place to attempt to establish justice. 

These tenets of freedom create a context and a body of ideas upon which many of the laws which are in place to keep order in this society we live in.  America may well be the best example of this attempt at freedom which other countries have tried, but because these countries were not walking the talk they sacrificed their freedom on the altar of apathy and irresponsibility.


When my wife and I accompanied the Congresswoman to the airport, we talked about life, faith and the challenges and experiences she faced in public service at such a high profile.  She has been called names, been viciously maligned by other members of Congress and even criticized by her own party.  The night of the Take Back Washington rally in Bismarck, most of the candidates were unwilling to take the stage for a photo-op with Michele.  


Why?  I didn't ask.  All I know is that the event which was allegedly supposed to be a "train wreck" in the words of a party operative was an overwhelming success and the first of many more in the country.


September of 2009 marked the first T.E.A. Party rally in Washington DC where hundreds of thousands of citizens gathered peaceably to be seen and heard.  Congresswoman Bachmann was there speaking once again for the cause.  After the election in November as a member of the Majority party in the House of Representatives she has started the T.E.A. Party caucus and continues to stand, fight and deliver.


She takes the mandate of her constituents seriously.  She Walks the Talk and works tirelessly to keep America Free.  Her intent is to keep her promises and vote her conscience.


She is a Voice of Freedom to be reckoned with-maybe on the Republican

ticket for President of the United States in 2012!


Click here to email your elected representatives.


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