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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


"The harvest is over, the summer has ended and we are not saved."

I'm not afraid to admit that I read the Bible. I've read it cover to cover multiple times. It is a far better way to gain perspective on life and reality than the things people do to stay informed and in the loop.

It is the best-selling book of all times -- bar none. It is the book containing the Ten Commandments which are the foundation for the law of the land, the history of the oldest civilization in the world, and wisdom that crosses boundaries of time, culture and human development.

The above passage are the words of a prophet of Israel and a pronouncement of impending judgment -- they would be exiled to Babylon (modern day Iraq) for seventy years before his scribe, Baruch, laid down his pen to finish the book entitled Jeremiah in the Old Testament.

And it happened. And there is more judgment to come -- for all of the human race.

You don't agree? That is your prerogative, but I suggest finding the Gideon Bible and reading it some night in a hotel room when you've had just about enough of Rachel Maddow or Megan Kelly or Chris Hayes or Anderson Cooper giving you the latest "scoop" on the Presidential race.

You may think the Bible makes me biased-really?

Have you listened to these people lately? Not much "hope and change" I am willing to buy; just another version of the same story.

America is in trouble -- no matter who the individual elected in November will be to relieve Obama of the interruptions in his golf schedule requiring him to act as President of the United States.

Did you see him in Louisiana bending over, talking to a kid like he cared. I felt like I was being patronized if not propagandized. I imagined the conversation as something like this.

"Hi son," said Mr. Obama.

"I'm not your son. I have only a mother and we have no home. We live at the shelter now."

"I'm sorry to hear that, "offered Obama. "Maybe we can do something to help."

"I doubt it. Besides, the church has offered my mom a job, I'm going to school there and, well, you got here kind of late. It looks like you have been playing golf."

Mr. Obama flashed his characteristic Cheshire cat-like grin. "Yes, son, I have. I golfed a 72 on 18 holes at Martha's Vineyard the day I left. That's par for the course."

"By the way son did you know the course uses no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides making it the only organic golf course in the U.S.?", added Mr. Obama.

"Did you forget already? I'm not your son. And you're right... most of what I've seen from you is par for the course or below. I hope you are wearing mosquito repellent because those bad mosquitoes are out. In fact, here is a spray can of "Off"; we certainly wouldn't want the President to get sick from a mosquito bite -- especially when he is so close to retirement."

"Thank you son," Obama answered.

The boy turned to leave, shaking his head, the back of his shirt had these words written on it:
He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose."
Jim Eliot, martyr

I know Obama wasn't the answer to America's problems -- even a young boy could probably see through his offer to "help."

This election isn't solely about who gets elected -- although that fact will impact us all. It is about our understanding as Americans as to how things got to where they are today.

That insight will become the framework for addressing the future.

The prophet's words at the beginning have a ring of truth, "we are not saved."
To paraphrase his words (Paraphrase mine) "we are not safe."

Judgment is coming. It's the law of harvest -- we will reap what we sow.

We have sown the seeds of apathy and selfish use of time and we have reaped candidates who call each other names rather than talking about issues.

We have sown the seeds of optimism, and reality is ready to hit us head on. "America" is not going to be okay unless "America" gets her head out of the sand. (p.s. "America" is you and I and our neighbors who aren't voting this year because they are tired of politics).

So we who are not willing to be involved in the process and take responsibility for the State of the Union (and I'm not referring to Obama's last speech), must (as John Adam's warned) be willing to be governed by our inferiors. And that is guaranteed -- no matter who gets the chair in the Oval Office.

Both candidates are far below the standard we should expect to lead this great country.

Clinton feigns ignorance about technology -- like it's funny to wipe a server "you mean with a cloth?"

Does her feigned ignorance as she bats her eyes and implies, "What do you expect me to know about that stuff?" work on you? Didn't work for me. There are manuals for that --"Computers for dummies."

Trump thinks this is a game to be won or lost... He forgets it isn't a game of chance and the stakes are too high for even him. Money and bravado are not enough to be a competent leader of the free world.

Mr. Trump was my first choice, then my third choice, then my last choice now back to my only choice. So there you have it. He is our only choice!

I just finished D'Souza's book, Hillary's America, 2016. The last chapter is the only solution he can offer -- the Republican Party. If what he says is true, and it very well could be, we as Republicans have one heck of a lot of work to do before it really is too late.

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